Seeking advice on a versatile color!

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  1. Like some others, I carry ebano year-round & it makes my heart soar. I've seen chene in person & , for me, well ... a bit "blah." What about tourmaline? It's a dark, dark blue that I think I consider a neutral in its "versatility." Still quite available. Good luck to you... hoping you keep the forum posted ;)
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will absolutely try them on to make sure the coloring is right. I take FOREVER to make a decision when it comes to buying a purse. I truly appreciate the detailed feedback everyone, I knew I came to the right place to ask for opinions.:urock:
  3. I had not considered Tourmaline, I shall try that one on as well! Thanks, and I sure will keep you posted!
  4. I carried the tourmaline today and got alot of complement . The bag is quiet but full of substance . You can see many shades of colour under different lightings .
  5. I tired calling around to see if there were any Steel Venetas in either a medium or a large, and it looks like it is sold out across the U.S. The SA's told me that Shadow is so close in color that you really can't tell the difference, so I am going to check out Shadow next week. I will let you know! I am trying to get a look at Chene as well because that seems to still be available in the Boutiques. Thanks everyone for all of your advice!
  6. Hgbags has a steel large veneta currently.
  7. Thanks! I'll check it out!