Seeking advice! I love my bags too much to use them!!

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I have a big problem. I've started to collect bags that are more pricey. I love them a lot but I am too scared to use them. I am afraid I will ruin them and they won't be as pretty any more. For example I got a slight stain on the vachetta on a LV and it makes me sad that it isn't new anymore. I can clean and protect my bags but it is hopeless to think I can keep it new forever. I think my thinking of that is a bit OCD. Bags are meant to be used right? If I leave it in my closet, I might as well not have bought them!

    How can I change my way of thinking? I really want to enjoy my bags without fear!!
  2. Start by wearing the one that already has a stain. Then if you are still nervous start wearing the other ones on sunny days so you won't be as stressed. You can also get a purse hook so if there is no place to put your bag down safely you can use the hook.
  3. I used to be like that too!! I baby-ed my bags way too much and couldn't enjoy them. But I realised that I have to use them since Ive bought them. My motivation these days is to justify the cost per wear of my bags, so everytime I carry one of my bags, I would note it down on a spreadsheet and on hindsight Im so glad ive used them cause it lowers my cost per wear of the bags! Hope this helps :smile:
  4. Lots of people feel the same so don't think you're alone

    I don't use mine straight away, but when I can forget the price I just get on with it
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    OP, no one can make you change your way of thinking. But... papertiger is right. You're not alone. Many people feel this way about expensive acquisitions... not just bags.

    If your bags sit in your closet... oh well. They're your bags. They're not "meant" for anything other than whatever you decide. :P

    On the the other hand... if you want to wear them, but hesitate to do so... because you want them to stay "fresh from the boutique" perfect... then that's a different matter. It takes time to transition from the idea of possessing a brand new expensive designer bag... to accepting wear and patina on an expensive designer bag that used to be pristine. Not everyone... embraces this immediately or overnight.

    Here's another perspective on wearing and enjoying expensive bags: PSA: Please enjoy & use your (Chanel) bags
    And another... on embracing patina: POST PICS of YOUR SLOUCHY FLOOPY USED (HERMES) BIRKINS


  6. Bags actually get better with age and use. I actually dislike the new vachetta on LVs immensely. When I was into LV, I'd actually go through a whole ritual to give the darkening/patina development a push!

    If you think of the great images of men and women carrying a bag you've admired, they're not new. They've been used. That's what makes them look so good.

    But more than anything, you and your things live and have adventures and mishaps. There's a story I've told before about my Hermes bolide and how I snuck an extra muffin from Fresh Choice out. And said muffin stained my lining from even though it was wrapped in tissue. I laugh to this day because it was and is a little reminder that a harmless pinch of a muffin is not a good thing.

    Finally, there is simply no point in having something if you don't use it.
  7. ^Yup. I know people who have had bags that haven't been worn for YEARS due to being scared of wear and tear. But it makes the item even more of an extravagance if it's just closet decoration. The justification for having nice bags occurs when you actually use them.
  8. Aww that is so cute! That is a good way to think of things. I have a Marc Jacobs Stam that got two compliments one day I was shopping! That day I must've swung it too hard and it got a darkened dent on the frame. But that should remind me that that was the day it was admired by strangers!
  9. Thanks for those threads! It gave me more ideas how a used bag can still be beautiful! I also thought the used chanel bag is still beautiful. As long as I treat it respectfully it should age very nicely.
  10. I can relate. I am a bag collector as well as a bag user. I mean, my very beautiful and expensive bags remain in their boxes...I am just scared of taking them out.
    I mostly use my contemporary designers purses or my Balenciaga City which was not as expensive as the bags in the boxes.
    It's a shame, I agree.
    Spending so much money on something and not using it is simply stupid....
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    I must admit I am like that too! :sad: Can relate to you completely! Sigh. My H & C bags are mostly unused, sitting pretty in their dust bags in the closet. My most used bag is my WOC & each time I am out, it's just so convenient to just grab it since it's already used rather than the brand new bags.

    Strangely enough, I feel content having them in my closet, not using them. Am not going to buy another bag as I have too many brand new bags unused & most importantly, am saving up for other bigger purchases. Currently obsessed with new homes & decor which is a good thing rather than lemming over another bag. Hey, we all need something to be obsessed with, choose your poison :P
  12. OP, I felt just like you until not that long ago... My eye opener? Just last week I was scouting the internet for new dog toys for my dog, and today she is in a hospital & my husband just got off the telephone with her vet about us considering putting her down! :sad:

    Life is just too short & you should enjoy your bags, accessories, or whatever it is that would put a smile on your face & bring enjoyment to your life. Think about keeping your bags pristine not enjoy them to have someone else enjoy them in the future who would possibly not enjoy them as much as you would have. You can start by easing into it, taking the one with the stain (LV) for a spin one day & hold on to the feeling of what it felt like, then onto the next when you feel you are ready.


  13. I think this is terrific advice
  14. Omg that is a good story although I feel sorry for your dog. I had my grandmother passed away recently. Her expensive bags were barely used because there are no scuffs or wrinkles on the leather or anything normal wear and tear. But I couldn't use them anyway because the lining had rotted away from the heat and humidity of where she lived.

    She didn't enjoy them as she could have and they ended up rotting away in her closet. That is the saddest thing that could happen to a bag. Unused and broken from time.

    I guess the bags have a limited lifespan even if it doesn't get might as well enjoy it in my and my bags lifetime. Life is too short.
  15. I'm the opposite. I use my bags right away.
    One suggestion for you: if you stick to dark colors you won't have to worry as much. Light colored bags are going to get marks on them and they will be more noticeable.
    I say use your bags. They aren't doing you any good sitting in the closet.
    You also may want to consider keeping to a price that you consider to be reasonable so you won't feel so terrible if they get a bit of damage.