Seeking Advice from Experts in Getting Hermés Bags

  1. Hi all, I am new to posting in this forum even though it's quite some time that I have been reading, learning (thank you everybody!!) drooling over all the bags and shy to post my first message. Now I have crossed the line and found the courage to write myself.
    I am a Hermés fan since long ago but never purchased a bag so far. I have my mind set on a Birkin and would much love to buy one. Having read many posts where it's stated how much difficult is to obtain a Dream Bag I was wondering how really much difficult that is. I mean: I am not a VIP customer although I am a regular shopper in a couple of H stores in Europe. The one I go to most regularly has been experiencing a lot of changes in the staff and therefore building a nice lasting relationship with a person of the staff is almost impossible. This seems crucial in obtaining good assistance for ordering a bag as it appears from the numerous posts I have read.
    One has to start somewhere and I must tell that I am very discouraged and would like either to be reassured or to get some tips on how to buy a Birkin without that being really impossible. I have started saving and am looking forward the day when I carry my Birkin around.
    If this has already been asked, please direct me where I can find the replies.
    Thanks a lot for being such a helpful and informative group of people!
    Brides de Gala
  2. Welcome to the Hermes forum!

    Use your time here with us to educate yourself about the colours, leathers etc that are available for a Birkin and then your Birkin will come to you. I know it sounds strange, but that's really the way it is.

    Some members have been very successful in getting bags directly from Paris or also smaller cities in France.
  3. Welcome Brides de Gala! It is a bit mysterious, but hello is right. Once you build up your knowledge of H, your SA will detect your genuine interest in H and your first birkin will follow.

    A trip to France may speed up the process, but a good relationship with your local SA could lead to so much more.
  4. Brides de Gala: Hello! Welcome to this forum :smile:. I joined this forum not long ago so I am a newbie too.

    Take your time in finding your dream Birkin Bag. Actually, you just have to be at the right place and the right time to find one. If you are lucky, you can even find a Birkin sitting on the shelf in the store.
  5. Save, save, save so when opportunity knocks you can strike! I've seen Birkins on the shelves quite a few times if I go in first thing in the morning on a weekday. Anyway, if you are looking for something specific, just try to build a relationship as best you can with the SAs. Hopefully their staffing turnover will stabalize soon and you can build a raport with someone who will be there for a while. :flowers:
  6. Thanks a lot to all of you with your replies and info. It's a great thing belonging here. Will let you know when (but maybe better IF) my Birkin shows up.
    Thanks also for the welcome. You all are great!!!:yes:
  7. How does one build a relationship with a SA? Do you have to make smaller purchases leading up or just go and browse until they ask you if you need help? I am certainly going to try the "educate yourself and it will come" technique, just don't know how to start. Thanks!