Seeking advice from anyone in the SF Bay Area, CA USA.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I have two pressing issues-

    I just moved to the SF Bay area (I am currently local to Tiburon/Belvedere) and I need a dry cleaner I can trust that does not destroy clothes or charge $20 per dress to dry clean.

    I need a hairdresser.

    I need an alterations person...or someone to help repair a fur coat.

    Can anyone recommend anyone??? Thank you so much in advance!

    I have only ever had one truly amazing dry cleaner...and that was in Hawaii during a visit...if you ever go to Oahu try Marie-Louise Cleaners. They're amazing and the deliver and pick up!
  2. If you are willing to drive to SF, I highly recommend my stylist Glenda at Acabello salon. It's located on Fillmore Street in the Pacific Heights area. You can PM me for her info.

    As for dry cleaners, I just go to the closest one near my apartment. They are OK, but nothing to rave about...
  3. A great site to look at is Filled with tons of useful reviews. Looks like people rave about Acabello so I might check it out one of these days myself!
  4. :roflmfao:
    I was going suggest yelp also. You can target the area you want to stay in so you can get local reviews.
  5. Tiburon is a GORGEOUS area...I don't know any salons/alterations in that area but if you don't mind the $5 golden gate bridge toll and cramped parking in san francisco I'm more than happy to help you out!

    there are many good salons and alteration spots in san francisco, it would be easierto figure it out by which part/district of the city you want to go to.
  6. For hair, check out Patrick Evan Salon. I usually just send my dry cleaning out via my building so I can't help much there.
  7. it's time to get a haircut!
    BF already noticed my longer-than-usual-hair.. lol..
    out of curiosity, what is the price range @ Acabello for haircut?
  8. i use Cable Car Tailors in SF, they are right outside of Union Square. so far they have done really great work, and they have really good reviews on Yelp.
  9. If you're down in the peninsula - I get my hair done at Neo salon in Burlingame. Small hair salon with great people!
  10. Glenda charges $90/cut. Not sure about color because I don't color or perm my hair.

    There are a handful of stylists at Acabello and each sets their own rates because they just rent the station from the owner. Hope this helps!
  11. I know it is a bit far, but my stylist have people drive from 2 hours and more away to see her!

    The salon is Elle Lui in Santa Rosa, Fati is the owner, and she cuts my hair. It is a huge salon.

    If she doesn't have openings, everyone there is good, they have to train with her for 2 years.

    She has studied with Frederick Fekkai (spelling?), they wanted her to work there, but she came back to SR, it needed her more than NYC did! :yes: She goes to seminars and things every year, keeps up on everything. Does great color, too.
  12. I get my hair done at Di Pietro Todd on Fillmore in San Francisco. Eva cuts my hair and Emily does my tints.

    I've also heard great things about Cable Car Tailors.
  13. For a great hairdresser, try Letisha at Level 4 Salon in SF. :smile: And I, too, have heard great things about Cable Car Tailors -- they apparently do a great job with jeans alterations.
  14. Thank you all for your feedback. I absolutely need to get my hair done next week. (I am seeing a friend I have not seen for 14 years again and I want to look great.)

    Is this Cable Car Tailors a good place if I want to have something made for me? I am looking into what it would cost to have someone make me a coat to my specifications.