Seeking a little adventure - H style

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  1. Generally, you can find me in one of two places: at my home in the Pacific Northwest of the US or with family in the Southwest. Now both areas have much in common.
  2. Both areas are known for their green spaces -

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  3. And both are getting Hermes boutiques . . . .
  4. Both have special trees that are native to the area -

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  5. Lucky you! Have the new H stores opened? I am sure they will be filled with choice bags!
  6. Sus - You are too quick for my computer skills. :smile:
  7. Both areas are known for their beautiful mountains -

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  8. And both have H boutiques that currently look like this - the site of the new Scottsdale boutique.

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  9. And it's clear they are serious about opening their H first. So much so that they (and others in Maricopa County) are considering electing an Hermes to be County Supervisor. (It may be hard to see but the big thing in the middle is a campaign poster for an Ed Hermes fo County Supervisor.) Hmmm, PNW folks, we have a few elections coming up this year. Perhaps we need to have an emergency tPF gathering and get something going.

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  10. But I digress. Anyhoo, it's been 5 months since I visited FSH. Since then, I've had a few charge/sends, daily tPF reveals, and checking resellers sights but none of this is a replacement for IRL. So what's a girl to do?

    She's is to take matters into her own hands.

    Thus, she looks at booking her return from a visit to see the folks in Arizona with a layover Las Vegas.. Is there one? YES!! Arrive in Vegas at 6:06 p.m. Depart for home at 9:23 p.m. As I go to click the BUY button I think, This is NUTS. You are so addicted that you are going to fly to Vegas, get off the plane, leave the airport, catch a cab to the Bellagio, take a look see, catch a cab back through Saturday night Vegas traffic, go through security, and get to your gate like it was nothing. And you are going to do all of this in time to catch a flight.

    Realizing I am going over the edge, I ask DH what he thinks. His response is “Take the cc with the high limit in case you miss your flight and have to get one of those fancy Ocean's Eleven Bellagio rooms to spend the night. And if you do, don't forget to take pictures.”

    Feeling completely and utterly enabled, I click BUY.
  11. Fast forward -

    Saturday, August 9th, I land with a plan in hand. Litterally. I wrote it down so I wouldn't get sidetracked. And it went off like a dream.

    5:54 p.m. - Land at Las Vegas. Good. We're 12 minutes early. Spot my destination as I am leaving the airport.

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  12. Wow! How often do you hear of anyone with Hermes as their surname?
  13. 6:10 p.m. - Hail cab. Lovely cab driver, who thinks I am crazy when I tell him I have no luggage because I am only in Vegas for 3 hours so I can shop but also thinks the tip may be good, speeds along the streets of Vegas and discuss the arrival of his wife from Africa next month.

    6:30ish p.m. - Arrive at Bellagio. Cab driver wishes me luck with my shopping and I wish him well with his wife's arrival in the US.

    Enter Bellagio. Casino to the right. Shops to the left. Chanel. Bottega Veneta. Hmmm. Very nice Violet and Rouge Hish looking hobos on display in store. FOCUS!! Keep going. Dior. And there it is. Hermes. The window display isn't much to speak of so I head on in.

    For the next hour, a truly delightful SA and I look at agendas, coin purses, and wallets. We study leather samples comparing the same colors in different leathers. And I try on my four current obsessions – so that I can compare and contrast. The Gao. The Massai PM. The Evelyne - PM and GM. The Trim2 - 35 cm. The Gao, is perfect for me. The Massai PM, remains slim even with all of my stuff in it. Neither adds weight to my middle. The Trim2 – 35 cm., is more serious minded. The Evelyne, is still contender but am still on the fence with the opening and need to give it another try with the new strap.

    Still wanting to save a little more for my first bag purchased from a boutique and realizing time is catching up with me, I know I need to head out. Happy to have had such a great experience but sad my adventure is almost over, I look around one last time before leaving. And there it is – something I've secretly coveted but always thought was too impractical for moi.

    But as I am standing there during a 3 hour layover I realize practicality flew out the window a while ago.
  14. What a cool thread! I would do exactly what you are doing. You also have a super DH to enable you so well. Can't wait to see what you find at the Las Vegas boutique.
  15. Without further ado.

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