Seeking a Harlequin

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  1. Does anyone know if I can still find a Harlequin bag like VB's. I know its from some seasons ago but I'm wondering if I can get lucky and find one.
    Thanks in Advance!
  2. hey isn't that white shopping bag from their brand? dvb - david victoria beckham :nuts: or is someone of the security holding it for her..
  3. You might be in luck, I am returning a harlequin that I got from Nordstrom for 60% off. I think it came to 5xx...I will be returning it to the Nordstrom Mall of America tomorrow. If you want to PM me your phone number, I can give it my SA and have her call you.
  4. Call Renato at Miu Miu 310 247 2227 - look in the SALES thread, there are a couple on sale 50% off not in that color combo though...