Seeking a fun, funky tote - fringe a plus!

Mar 17, 2013
Hi! One of my dear friends is looking for an everyday tote that's relatively inexpensive (contemporary designer price range) and a little on the funky side but with minimal hardware. She loves fringe so that would be a big plus. This isn't exactly my personal style so I would truly appreciate any recommendations. I've told her how much I love TPF and how helpful everyone is - if a bag like this exists, I know one of you lovely ladies will know about it :biggrin:. Thanks in advance!


Oct 10, 2015
Rebecca minkoff fiona fringe. It's a bucket bag, Comes in leather and suede, several colors and gold and silver hardware. I also like the minkoff regan tote/satchel. It's styling is a bit like the balenciaga Motocross bags with the tassels.

Cleobella also makes some cool funky bags w out a ton of hardware.

Good luck and happy hunting :smile: