Seeing shoes on sale and not being able to buy them?! :(

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  1. Have you ever seen designer shoes at a HUGE discount and just wanna cry, because you can't buy them? I went into the Manolo Blahnik boutique in NYC just to see that ALL of the shoes were 50% off! I was in so much debt at the time and it made me so sad.
  2. Yup. That's me now. I'm focusing on my savings. It's hard at first - but you get used to, when you *do* make a purchase, you'll appreciate it much more.

    Don't worry hun - we're here for you
  3. yes, I really get it. That's why I try not to shop. right now I have little disposable income, so full price (or even 50% off) is too much money. My solution has been to stalk ebay and look for things that have good value. I got a $600 pair of Rupert Sandersons for $100 just recently. Used, of course, but in great shape.
  4. I am in the same situation! I saw one of my UHG shoes on sale and I dont have money right now to buy them! please cross fingers that they are available when march starts! THEN i can buy them!!

    I changed my way to buy things! Before I bought wedges (I really like them) only because they were a bargain and because I want my CL collection to grow BUT if I keep on buying this way won't be able to buy my dream shoe when its 50 % off! SO SAVE, SAVE, Save!! ;)
  5. after a while you get used to saving, but it's still so hard to pass up a beautiful shoe, argh! lol
  6. i have that often.. i live in europe, sometimes those US sales (online or in boutiques) are not available for me.
  7. For me too! Of course there are bargains but if there are customs you must count on the price its no more a bargain!

    I ask myself "Do you really want these shoes?" and it works :P
  8. I feel your pain. Sometimes, the taxes or other expenses just take precedence. So, we wait. You are NOT ALONE!! But just wait a bit, everything always changes.
  9. My problem is that they never ever have size 7 left when the sale starts so I am always out of luck .