Seeing scrubs worn outside of the hospital

  1. I don't know about you, but I really hate it when I see people wearing their scrubs outside of the working environment. :throwup: I feel like I'm in the hospital! I don't see waiters/waitresses/chefs/stewardesses/police officers, etc. wearing their uniform out at the malls, restaurants, movie theatres. What's up with that? :confused1:
  2. sometimes you're just so tired! i wear my scrubs out of the hospital and change as soon as i get a chance to go home. sometimes i'll drop by the bank in them on my way home purely out of convenience.

    i've never seen anyone wearing their scrubs to a restaurant or movie theater though! i agree that's a bit odd!
  3. I can understand if you are really tired...working long hours in that environment must be exhausting. I have just recently seen them worn outside...about the last four years or so.
  4. I work nights and often run errands in my scrubs on my way home. It doesn't bother me...why should it bother you?:confused1:
  5. I really don't know why it bothers me...I guess it makes me feel like I'm in the hospital...which I hate! Why can't the scrubs be changed to regular clothing like it was ten to twenty years ago? I don't know...maybe I'm just showing my age and I'm in a pissy mood. :shame: Sorry if I offended...and thank you for all your hard work and energy with the work that you do because I could never do what you do...for sure!
  6. I walk around in my scrubs when I'm on break getting lunch, but honestly, sometimes, especially when you work at a hospital, its just such a crazy time, and if you have a family..or at least a life, your just scrambling around trying to do the stuff you use to before you had such a demanding job. Those people you see save lives or improve lives on a daily basis, all they are doing is trying to balance life and work and if that means walking around in scrubs then so be it.
  7. Its not only to identify who is what, but its for sanitary measures as well. Wearing regular clothes when doing surgery or just giving an injection? eugh!

    also the people you may be seeing from time to time are probably nurses who take patients out, patients that also hate the whole hospital experience. They however are known to wear regular clothes though. LOL imagine the hospital gowns..:lol:
  8. Thanks're absolutely correct! I was just curious because I've been seeing more of it than I had in the past and wondering if people are working longer hours or something. Thanks for saving lives!:yes:
  9. sometimes I am just soo tired from work/school that the last thing I wanna do is change into my clothes in the hospital...I just wait till I get home, shower and pass out!!
  10. I think I would pass out too!:yucky:
  11. To echo what some of the others said... I tended not to wear my scrubs home unless I was *really* tired in med school - some days are just so exhausting... I went through when they had the 28 hour rule, so sometimes after being on call and working 28hours in a row, I really didn't care what others thought. Thankfully I'm done that and can wear pretty clothes in psychiatry :yahoo:

    DH still will wear his out in public if he's in a rush... they're really comfy! He's a surgeon so I can forgive for his lack of fashion sense!
  12. I have to wear my scrubs to school and sometimes when I leave school, I have to go other places. I feel silly wearing them out, but sometimes I don't have time or it's out of the way to go home and change.
  13. ok...I just saw someone wearing his scrubs walking down a busy street with no hospital/clinic in site. Was he showing off? What's up? If he were taking his morning walk I don't think he was too tired to put on his regular sweats or pants. I think "regular" people are wearing them to fake it that they work in the medical field....just my opinion.
  14. But there's things like engineering scrubs too.. so sometimes it's a sight on campus.
  15. I never heard of engineering scrubs. Now I'm dating myself, but when I was going to college in the late 1970's I never saw anyone wearing any scrubs.
    Why now?