Seeing same item that sold relisted in ebay

  1. Hello-
    Should I be alarmed if I was bidding on a bag yesterday (and lost), and now today that exact same photo of the bag taken in the seller's home is on ebay again? The bag sold yesterday. Shouldn't she have at least taken a new photo? Do ya'll think this is a bit odd? Thanks.
  2. Maybe she got two at the outlets?
  3. I've seen that before with something I bought...I still got my item so I think the seller had more than one.
  4. i saw a bag, i think day before yesterday, that "sold" for 142.00...then was relisted the next day. i , too , thought thats quite odd....maybe the seller emailed and had changed their mind? or maybe they had someone bid it up and no real bidders re bid? hmmmm
  5. They had a listing sale. Alot of sellers listed their holiday stock when they have sales on listing fees this time of year.

    This is the time of year sellers may have more than one bag in a style. If the bag is New, With Tags, they may not take new photos.
  6. There have been a couple times that I've bought more than one NWTs bag to sell and I used the same photos for each listing. I think sellers do that all the time and I wouldn't be alarmed.