Seeing RED: How RED is it, anyway?

  1. very close to your sunglass case. so beautiful
  2. Both 12A red classic flap and reissue in one thread. I like!!! Thanks for the eye-candy. :smile:
  3. I hope someone out there can compare it to the 11p in caviar and 10c in lamb red.
  4. Love these red comparison pics! I'm on the fence about getting the red w/ shw or the burgundy w/ ghw and I think these pics are convincing me to get red! :p
  5. I really love your Red Flap. It make me itch to get one!!! :p
  6. Great pics for comparisons!!

    I specifically carried my jumbo from 9C to compare to 12A. I won't be able to go to the store until after work, but here's a pic 9C with my 11P card case.
  7. Such an awesome idea, I love the creativity here! C can be kinda awful at naming their colors, plus cameras sometimes alter the true shades. But i could really compare now. Very gorgeous bags, Peonies and Swou ^^
  8. Thanks for the comparison pix!
  9. I love the red! It's once of my favorite color. This just enable me to take out all my reds and take pics.
  10. :dothewave:What a great idea Peonies813! I will try to add some comparison shots later too!
  11. So, I saw the 12a, it's closer to the card case in my pic above, but brighter and more like a true red. I really love it! My problem is that I have the red jumbo and a med/large red patent, I don't "need" another red bag.

    I did see a silver metallic lamb flap that just came in that I'm pondering... Hmmm...
  12. I love the naughty step tshirt where is it from?
  13. ohhh seeing these red flaps makes me want to have one! to swap beige or not to swap beige :giggles:
  14. Primark in London!!:smile: It cost like 3 pounds about a month ago.

  15. Hi Bethc, do you mind sharing what kind of silver it was? is it similar to the 12C silver classic color that came out true tin tin man silver:smile:?
    As for the red, this is a beautiful one for sure, but you need to see how much use you can get out of 3 red flaps:p
    Do you use your reds often?
    The 12A red jumbo was my first red flap so decision was easy for me. Only other red bag I have is a lambskin lady Dior. I think I will use my new red as my staple flap this fall:biggrin: