Seeing Red - are these Pigalles (100)?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have tried to avoid posting this question, but couldn't find an answer in the search. Are the red "pointed-toe" pumps listed at NM and BG online Pigalle 100s???
  2. ^Yes! Thanks for posting the link, I wasn't sure if I could.
  3. No problem.

    I don't know the answer though I'm afraid ! I wondered if they were more Decoltissimo. I can't tell the length of the toebox

    I've looked again and I'm more confused than before LOL

    Sorry I'm no help
  4. Aeross, thanks for trying. I had the same question - it's difficult to tell from the angle.
  5. pigalles. the toebox doesn't look long enoguh to be decolts
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    Rilo can I just say you must be an excellent student! You are such a great "referencer" You are on the ball always, and have a reference for everything! Amazing!

    ETA: Sorry to be off topic, I do that a lot!
  7. LOL, noah, that is so random :P

    thank you though. My momma would be proud :smartass:
  8. I agree that they are the Decolts. I originally thought they were Pigalles, but I think it's just the angle that's confusing.
  9. I thought they were Pigalles at first too! But they didn't look quite like Pigalles and I figured they must be Decolts. wantmore and I were wishing that they were Pigalles!
  10. I think they are a tall version of the Decoltissimo. The toe box is too long to be the pigalle.
  11. I also think Decoltissimo. The sides don't look as low-cut as the Pigalle.
  12. Thanks for weighing in, everyone!