seeing it in person - balenciaga


Feb 16, 2006
what stores can you actually go in and see the colors/styles of the balenciagas in person? looking at pics on the net never does justice to a bag, its impossible to get the right feel for it. i know that balenciagas are like waitlisted and everything but do the stores that offer them actually have them IN there to sell? or are they just sent right out rather than kept in store? i have a neiman marcus i can go to...
Don't know where you are, but Barney's in BH has a boatload. I was just in there this morning. Have to admit, they didn't do anything for me once I saw them in person. Chacun a son gout, I guess.
Depends on where you live.. The NM and Saks in Houston did not have any so I bit the bullet and did a charge send from NM in Vegas. You may just wanna call ahead before you go..
NM in Westchester County, NY has Balenciagas. Today I went to Americana Manhasset in Long Island, NY and saw a nice selection at Barney's New York.
You actually have a lot of choices it just depends on how far you want to go. NM in Short Hills sells Balenciaga. Of course, NY has more places for you to check them out. Barney's and the Balenciaga store in Chelsea would be my recommendations.
I agree w/ pseub... Barneys BH has a lot of bags, a surprising number. Why is that, I wonder? Maybe the leather quality has gone down?

I remember not being able to even see a B-bag at Barneys a year or 2 ago, let alone touch one....