Seeing green...

  1. So I love the new bleeker flap bags sooo much and have been looking for the perfect green bag for a while now. ​

    Two questions for you ladies: ​

    1.Which of the Bleeker bags will be coming in bottle green? I know the duffle does, but I am not a fan of the rounded bottom on the duffles....​

    2. I love the look of the flap bag in my signature, style #11419 - does anyone know the measurements of this style? I am hoping it is big enough for a daily bag for me. :graucho:

    Thank you!​
  2. Hello, I saw the duffle in green and the flap. The flap is 11 x 11 x 4. It is $448.00 and number 11419. I had it in British tan and returned it for 2 duffles. I got tan and Burgundy, It is very square and has a snap to close the flap. The green is more of a brighter hunter green than a dark bottle green as it is called. This bag will fit your essentials like wallet, cell, makeup case, sunnies or glasses, and a few other things. It is not a big bag inside but square. To compare, it will not hold as much as an Ali. Hope that helps. But, green pixie, it is indeed very GREEN. :yahoo:
  3. Thanks so much for your help - I did not realize that this bag is the same as the one you posted such great photos of! Sounds like a great size too... :drool:
  4. You are welcome. There is a lot of strap hardware going on with this bag instead of the small duffle which is quite roomy and comfy and can be worn crossbody. That is why I hesitated to keep it It is as heavy as the legacy filled but much smaller. The green is bright. If you wear lots of greens, it is great looking. Burgundy in that style is really very pretty. Good luck choosing!!:tup:
  5. Just an FYI the legacy shoulder is coming out in Juniper sometime in Oct/Nov.
  6. I know this has probably been answered already ...but...when will the Bleecker line be at the boutiques? I can't wait to see in person...:yes:
  7. Ooh really? More options! Decisions, decisions.... :yes:
  8. Yes it is the same bag. I returned it and got it in Wine and the small duffle in the British Tan with a wine wallet and siggie and wine wristlet for fall. It is a beautiful bag and somehow looks great in Green and wine and the duffle looks good in British tan to me. The tattersall wristlet is pretty for the bag too!!! Good luck choosing. You cannot go wrong here..
  9. Bottle green flap all the way--I think that Juniper is going to be lighter, and not as attractive, IMO.:tup:
  10. Has coach ever had a lighter more warm-toned green? Citron was wayyy too yellow for me, but this is too dark :sad: If anyone is familiar with Hermes, I'd love a bag that is similar in color to their vert anis or chartreuse, preferably leather. Any suggestions?
  11. The new stuff should be in stores on Monday the 24th, I believe. I've looked at both duffle sizes and the flap and I think I like the small duffle better. I know they look odd when they are empty but I think with things in them they will hang nicely. I'm torn between the wine and the ink.