SEEING GREEN - please solve my MJ mystery ;)

  1. :sad: I can't figure this one out. Now and then I see women in the mall wearing MJ bags - in a green color.
    I've been searching online to match the color but I can't seem to find it. I was thinking it was Sap Green but then I analyzed the pictures on eBay and that is really not the color I wanted - I wasn't too sure if it was the flash making it look ELECTRIC lime green - but I didn't like that color.

    This green looks like a medium green - it's not deep forest - it's not sap - it's not cucumber - it's not peacock - it's not that apple color...

    It's a medium color but subdued and easy on the eyes.
    It's really pretty --- any ideas? t.y.!:shrugs::shrugs:
  2. maybe emerald? it has a light green lining in the interior I think.
  3. I just looked - it's definitely not either of the Emeralds (dark and light).

    Gosh! I wish I knew this color!!!!!!
    It maaaaaaaaaay have a blue suede interior but i can't swear to that .
  4. thistle?
  5. thanks thithi - it's definitely not that one.
    It's not lime green. It's really a subdued green -
  6. hehehhe I love thistle!!! LOVE that color. But when I see it on ebay thistle looks very light to me - Unless it's the flash and it looks way darker w/o the flash... but I still think it may be too light
  7. ok... i know of meadow and seafoam... running out of ideas here. lol.

    spearmint? wintergreen? juicyfruit? lol.

    sweet pea?
  8. hhmmmmmmmmm:confused1: LOL
    I really don't think it's the sap green.
    I would love to see a thistle pic w/o flash for true color.
    Sap green too - NMLC shots are far away :sad:

    we'll get to the bottom of this! I already went through the galleries on here and couldn't find it. This is killing me.
  9. bag-addict showed her thistle bag recently. It's the 2nd bag (from left to right) in the last row. I don't know what color the suede lining is though. Could that be the color you're looking for?


    P.S. I still LOVE this picture sooooo much! Major drooooool!!!!
  10. ^^^^^^Major eye candy!!!

    I'm a green lover too! - Would die for something in Thistle or Sap Green.

    Did you look at Meadow?

    Maybe someone here will have better pics of that color.
  11. I think the bottom one is Thistle.... I love that set-up!!