"Seeing girls in flip flops and Gap clothes driving an old Honda but toting..."

  1. BY HESPERID AT 07/18/07 05:25 PM
    Does anyone remember the computer game “Civilization”?? If you were a dork in high school then you do…umm anyway, this reminds me of the cheat mode in that game. You could cheat to have your poor, undeveloped country be the first to invent rocket science. To me, seeing girls in flip flops and gap clothes driving old Honda’s but yet toting THE latest Louis Vuitton bag is so “cheat mode” to me. Shouldn’t a career and house come first? Maybe pay off debt? ****ing cheats.

    This quote is from Gawker. Any comments?

    While I agree that buying a home and paying off debts are priorities, it's a slippery slope to determine how someone ELSE's money should be spent and in what order. To some, cars just aren't that interesting. To yet others, purses aren't but art is.
  2. well i pretty much live in flops and gap on the wkends, even if i tote my LV while driving around in our 2006 civic. and my entire LV collection (speedy, agenda and mono clés) were uni grad gifts from my rents, grandparents and cousin. what r u supposed to wear w LV exactly? chanel jacket? i dont get. and isnt it kinda chic to mix and match low and high end?
  3. *sigh* These kinda comments get me everytime. I don't understand what makes a person feel that they have the right to judge what anyone else is doing with their money? What if they dont want to buy a house? There are plenty of ppl who are just fine with living in a 3000 apartment in downtown DC and who carry high end expensive bags.

    I say get off of your high horse and stop judging ppl....it's not a good look.
  4. That person doesn't get to decide how people spend their money. That LV (or Gucci, Hermes, Prada, etc...) bag could be a reward for diligent saving and hard work! I, along with gabz, live in flip flops and gap jeans on the weekends, after working extremely hard during the week. Any bags or accessories I have are hard-earned and loved.

    Clearly the person who wrote that is only able to judge books by their covers. I'm sorry for him/her.
  5. I agree with the above posts. No one has the right to make judgments about how other people spend their money-- no one really knows what anyone else's situation is in terms of financial and personal priorities. For whatever reason, maybe someone doesn't want to own a house or drive an expensive car, but wants high end bags. Maybe someone else doesn't care for bags but spends their whole paycheck on their car... To each, their own. :smile:
  6. Some people! How do they get off judging people so much??

    I'm 48, drive a '98 Chevy Metro (beat the mileage on this car!), live in flip flops, and have nice purses and jewelry. Whose business is it what I carry anyway?

    I work in an engineering design firm - we have no dress code. I'm one of 2 women in the company, and one of the highest paid employees. The building we work in is an old historic building, so not a whole lot can be changed in it.
    It's not fancy. We do fantastic work, and that is what matters. Shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable dress. I may wear a t-shirt and capris in, and have my Fendi Squirrel Spy sitting on my table. No one here knows what this bag is but me. And I don't care that no one knows! I love my bag!

    I try not to judge people on how the dress or what bag they carry. These things aren't that important to me. How they act and how they treat other people and animals are.
  7. I have to totally agree with everyone on this. I work for a toy company and we wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. I also proudly carry my designer bags, REGARDLESS of what I'm wearing. Honestly, I am not one to spend money on clothes or shoes. I buy lots of clothes at Kohl's and Target! I am also well compensated for what I do and I choose to spend my money on bags. It's no one else's business and no else's place to judge me.
  8. I guess I can understand a house and career coming before bags, but what does that have to do with driving and Honda and wearing Gap clothes? We're required to buy a designer wardrobe before designer bags? I agree with tamika: get off your high horse!
  9. Well I'm happy that you are all just like me!! I live in my rainbows or havianas, drive my corolla, and still manage to pull off wearing my Chanels and Balenciagas quite nicely I believe. SO he can eat it.:yes:
  10. That'll be me in June when I buy my Speedy. I have middle-class clothes, car, etc. I save up my money (I work for it!) to buy things I really want...the only "luxury" thing I will probably ever own are bags! You never grow out of them, and they always looks good on you.

    That (rude) statement covers a LOT of people who carry designer bags.
  11. i think it is important to remember everybody's got a story. lets not pass judgement on people for spending enoguh on bags in a yr to feed a small country, or opting, for whatever reason, to go faux. live and let live. to each their own.
  12. People have their own financial priorities and it's nobodys business. Live and let live.
  13. I love my flops and jeans - all week and weekend! I am fortunate to have an awesome job that allows me to dress casually! I have a beautiful home (if I must say so), and run my own small pet rescue (totally volunteer there)… My point here is that no one can tell what a person is all about at first glance!

    It realllly ticks me off when folks snub me due to my decent casual apparel. Do I need to wear a sign that says “Sorry I have a designer accessories addiction” - WTHeck do these people want me to do? Put them on pedestals and covet them in the privacy of my home? NO WAY - I'm using my goods and loving them.

    People who judge so swiftly should think twice – the person you are belittling could be the one signing your next pay cheque...
  14. Most of those flip-floppers are carrying fake bags. That is one more reason never to buy anything with logos on them (Burberry, Gucci, Coach, LV).

    But who really cares? I am more unnerved by all these mammals flip-flopping around thinking that they are wearing shoes…

    FLIP-FLOPS are for shower rooms at your GYM or a Cape Code beach. Notice: not St.-Tropez beach, but a Cape Code - there is a big difference between those two.

    On a side note: who hypnotized 99% of female population of USA to think that they look good in flip-flops? Every time I see a cute girl wobble like a pregnant duck towards me on those plastic things I feel sorry for her.
  15. Sorry if this has already been said, but to me "cheating" is synonymous with "not earning in a legitimate way." So this point of view is flawed in terms of suggesting that there's no way an inventor of rocket science could ever live in a poor, undeveloped country!

    Instead of getting to know the gal, "Hesperid" from Gawker also makes hasty assumptions that the gal carrying the LV bag might be a thief, or perhaps if she bought the LV bag she might be on the verge of bankruptcy, that altho she's a completely healthy adult (in body and mind) and capable of flipping burgers the gal is living carefree and rent-free in her friend's or parents' home, driving someone else's honda and wearing her friend's or sister's gap clothes (because she can't afford to buy her own). Because if that were truly the case then I've got another word to describe that kinda gal...!

    But seriously, this self-proclaimed former high school DORK needs to stop playing computer games, grow up and learn to use words so s/he can actually GET TO KNOW people instead of judging from afar and making ASSumptions!