See you next December, Vacanze?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am so loving the happy Chirstmas print on the Vacanze that I am having a hard time putting her away for the next holiday season. I realize that it is definitely not an all-year bag to use, but if you haven't tucked her away already, when are you planning on doing it? :confused1:
  2. I'm going to use my vacanze stellina and denaro until the end of January, and then switch over to my citta rosa stellina (or mamma mia) for February/ Valentine's Day!
  3. I'm planning to use it all year round. xD It's definitely in my top 3 favorite bags/print, so I don't wanna put her away!
    Perhaps though, I think I might stop using it later, just cause I don;t want to get it dirty.
  4. haha nice! Using it for the season. I like my AS BV because it seems more year round-like (although I'm sure many other prints do that too).

    I have the wallet ^^;; (no bag till I find a super good deal for it). So I guess I will be switching it up soon.
  5. I'd like to get another bag style in Vacanze, and I'd use it whenever I felt like it, no matter the season. This ties as my favorite print with Inferno.
    So, I don't plan on putting it away as a winter/Xmas bag at all. :nogood:
  6. I already did pack my Vacanze bags up for next year. I really like using bags "seasonally"; ex: L'Amore for February, Inferno for October and Vacanze for December. ;)
  7. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with my Vacanze BV yet... I only just got it for Christmas and the winters here in MN drag out until February-March. With that said, I'll probably end up using it until the end of March or early April. I see my L'amore Ciao Ciao used in the Spring/Summer and my OP Bella Bella as an any time of year bag. My Vacanze only says "Happy Holidays" on it twice, once on each side, so I'm not too worried about it seeming too seasonal. It's down right cute and must be used! ^_^
  8. ive never looked at that a seasonal bag, but i guess it would make sense. but to cut it short.. i think ill use for as long as theres snow outside. as far as where im from (upstate ny) we get snow even in april!! (if we're THAT unlucky)
  9. I remember MN getting the SAME thing some time ago! haha so if it happens again, it's time to pull out the Vacanze print! It fits with the snow despite it being the springtime.
  10. I still wanna get a Vacanze Zucca, but this girl I really loathe at school has one... ugh she claims to be a die hard fan of toki, and she doesnt even know who created it.
  11. i'd still get the Vacanze Zucca! I'm sure you'd ROCK better then she could!
  12. I've gotta agree w/ djr0658 here. Puh-leez, YOU have the awesome collection. If anything, it'll kinda show that she copied you, and next time you see her you can be like, "Oh I LOVE your Vacanze Zucca!" and she'll look around and be like, "My what? 0_o" and at which you get your private laugh. XD
  13. Hahaha you guys are funny! I was gonna get it today, but my friend wanted me to go with her somewhere, so hopefully I can get it sometime this week!
  14. I will pick a really hot summer day and take her out to use to cool me off!