See ya all in 1 week, I'm going to HK!

  1. Yup, I'm going to Hong Kong in a few hours till Saturday. I'm not gonna bring my laptop, so no chatting with you guys for a while :sad:

    Do I plan to hunt for Hermes? Hmmm.. I dunno, I guess we'll see what's gonna stumble upon my eyes, hehehe.

    Keep posting, keep shopping, and be nice to each other while I'm gone ladies :flowers:

    ps: do you guys have any suggestions about Hermes shopping or general shopping in HK? Any places i MUST visit?
  2. Have fun and take care! Come back and with CC in one piece ;)
  3. thanks Perja!
  4. Have fun Sara! Hope you find something you like in HK :biggrin:
  5. Have a great trip! Happy Shopping
  6. Have a wonderful time, and we'll look forward to your return! Somewhere buried in this sub-forum I think there's a discussion about Hong Kong shoppng and Hermes.
  7. we'll miss you, Sarah!!! I love Shanghai Tang for clothes in HK.....
  8. Have fun Sarah!! We will miss you!!!
  9. Have a wonderful trip! :flowers:
  10. Have a great time in Hongkong, hope you found lots of Hermes goodies!!
  11. Sarah ~ Have A Fun & Fabulous Trip!!! :smile:
  12. Hi Sarah,
    Have a safe & fun trip! :flowers:

    btw, do you read Chinese? If you do, check out the Hermes stores in HK for this Hermes manga "Le Chemin Hermes" - This is something interesting & special that I don't see in most Hermes stores. I saw in the HK Hermes stores when I was there in Dec 05.

    "Le Chemin Hermes" is a manga(comic book) on the history of Hermes. The author is a Japanese woman, specially commissioned by Dumas to do a manga about Hermes' history. There are also colored pages of photos showing the Hermes museum. This would make a very nice souvenir & is wonderfully priced! Only HK$90 (about US$5 I think)
  13. Hermes stores are all over, at the Galleria in Central, Pacific Place, the Peninsula hotel, the Duty Free at Canton Road in Kowloon.

    Pacific Place has most of the brand names. Lane Crawford and Joyce should not be missed. These two are in Pacific Place too1

    Have fun! Do not forget to browse Milan Station and other "stations". These stores sell new and pre-owned items. They do have Birkins and Kellys.

    Other members, please correct me if I am wrong.
  14. ooh! I want an Hermes comic book!!

    I want I want I want....all I ever seem to say around here...can I shup-up, already........:P
  15. Oh yes! Sarah, definitely check out the Paris Station & Milan Station as suggested by my peko. Even if you're not buying, just go there & :drool: :drool: :drool:

    When I was there in Dec 05, one of the "station" had a black croc Birkin 35.