See where Nanaz's madness began on PF - Pics

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  1. Ladies, i was just looking at my former and present Bbag's pics and all of a sudden i felt dizzy.:throwup::wacko: I have searched, spent hourse of time on the phone with different SAs and got the best Bbags that i could asked for but right now i only have four. :wtf:What is the matter with me. Am i nutts? :nuts:i sold most of them. I really regret selling my Giant Marine PT among all of them. :crybaby:Any one else? and do you have any regrets?:heart:

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  2. More.:nuts:

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  3. More again.:nuts:

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  4. As I ready myself to part with one of my last Chloe's I ws thinking the same thing: all the time spent hunting down the perfect paddy and then BAM! they are all gone.

    But I'm loving my bbags now!! :wlae:

    So are these all the bags you have sold???
  5. See what i mean.:nuts:

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  6. Nanaz you sold that metallic boobie?????? :wtf::crybaby:

    It was wonderful to see you this afternoon! We have plan a DC PF shopping trip to NM or something!
  7. More.:P

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  8. I still remember missing out on this one! Glad Celia got it though...


  9. i was thinking of the same thing too...the boobies?:crybaby: i would luv to have one (but not above retail)

    Nanaz....i thought im the only dizzy gal here :rolleyes: lets just say you are very picky....just like with choosing bf' collect and collect then select for the best:P
  10. Hi P, it was nice seeing you too.:yes: We definitely should plan a DC PF meeting:tup: and yes i was nutts to sell that gorgeous Silver Boobie.:nuts::cursing:
  11. I'm still kicking myself for selling my Origan City. I don't miss the Camel Day (gorgeous bag but too hard to find stuff), but that City was my first Bbag. I hadn't been using it much at the time and figured I was done with it, but now I feel like an idiot.
  12. omg, the leather on all of them, nanaz...they're all TDF! you have such strong will power -- if I had all these bags, I'd probably hoard them and sleep with them at night. LOL
  13. YOU ARE NUTS!!!! at least, for selling your RT DAY, that one would make me cry. i remember almost buying your olive day - that leather is just like mine TDF!!

    some of your past bags are so gorgeous, but i know the lucky girls/boys who have them now are so grateful for your indecisiveness.

    thank you for sharing your past and present bags with us - i mean it in more ways than one.

    what bags do you have left, if any???
  14. that RT DAY is still making me swoon :love:
  15. So, out of all the madness, which four beauties currently remain in your collection?