See what you guys have done!

  1. So tonite I was just browsing TPF, and as of late it's been the MJ forum that I frequent. But I decided to look around at all the pretty bags and came across the Fendi forum. I read the "baby spy" thread and fell in love. So what did I do? I went to and bought one!! It's the one w/the Fendi print on it and dark brown leather. It'll be my FIRST Fendi!!!! I'm so excited and I'll post pics as soon as it arrives next week! Yahoooo!:yahoo:

    Thank you, ladies!:heart:
  2. congrats..make sure you show us pix when u get it...:smile:
  3. Very cute bag, congrats! Looking forward to your pictures. =)
  4. Excellent and thats one gorgeous bag - congrats. Can't wait to see her!
  5. Congrats, lovely bag. jomashop are so good and such good prices
  6. Congrats!
  7. Oooo!!! Can't wait to see pictures!
  8. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! That sounds like the baby zucca spy!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, baby!!!!!!! Lemme know how it goes with Jomashop. I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but their prices and selection are great. Can't wait to see the pix of your beautiful bag! BTW, have you seen the pix of Paris Hilton with your bag...if this is the one you're talkin' about, that is? Here are a couple...
    ImageShack - Hosting :: philtonnightout77et.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: 7197ua.jpg
  9. Congrats! The baby spy is a great bag :graucho:
  10. Congrats - I was contemplating that one too! :graucho:

    Let us know how it feels on the shoulder, (I'm a shoulder carrier kind of gal).

    I can't wait to see your pics!!! :yahoo: Now for the terrible wait til next week! :sad:
  11. ^^^ thank you ladies! I can't wait! I'm already thinking of what outfits to wear with it. lol! katgrrrl, the print of the spy that Paris is holding will be the same as mine, but she has the "spy" and I will have the baby (smaller) version of it. I can't wear it over the shoulder, its definitely a hand carried-crook of the arm bag. pics to come later! weeeee!
  12. This is exactly what happened to me the minute I set eyes on the spy and now im also awaiting it's arrival.

    Congrats! ^^

  13. I do the same thing. I started coordinating and buying clothes to go with the bags! Paris' bag doesn't have the flap. It's the smaller one. I have the zucca spy, the bigger one with the flap. Is your bag smaller than the one Paris has?! I didn't know they made one smaller, but I'd love to see it. I'm sure it rocks. And we have to remember, Paris is Hollyweird tiny. She can fit a Fruit Loop over her arm. I think size -0 is the new 4.:p
  14. Hi bakuhatsu, is THIS your bag?
    Fendi 8BL078 Zucca Womens Handbag
    It looks so tiny in this photo. I saw it in the Fendi boutique and it's a nice size! Not as big as the one with the flap, but not everybody wants all that room. If ya want a nice, dainty yet still roomy bag, the baby spy's the way to go.

    And here's my big baby. I need a lot of room. :smile:
    Fendi 8BR511 Brown Womens Spy Bag
  15. ^^ yes, katgrrrl, that's the baby spy I bought! (apparently the smallest one) and yours is TDF!! I'm glad to know that even though mine is tiny its still roomy. yay! I can't wait to join the club!