See what the Queen carries in her bag

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    LONDON: Since she doesn't need to carry cash, cheques, credit cards or car keys, royal watchers have for decades been intrigued about just what Queen Elizabeth II carries in the sizable bags that she is rarely seen without. As it turns out - a lot.

    In their book 'What's In The Queen's Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets', Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton give a look into what all the Queen carries around.

    They say that it's not only what's inside the monarch's bags that is significant, but the bag itself, for she uses it to communicate with her staff in a very subtle manner.

    According to the authors, one thing that can always be found in the Queen's handbags is an S-shaped metal meat hook that she places on the dinner table's edge to suspend her bag from so that it doesn't touch the floor.

    Also to be found inside is a collection of good luck charms, including miniature dogs, horses, saddles and horsewhips - most of them gifts from her children, reports the Daily Express. Family photos are also present, the most treasured of which is a snap of Prince Andrew, from when he returned from the Falklands in 1982.

    Other things that the Queen never goes without are her mints, chocolate drops for her beloved corgis and a couple of crosswords, which her servants snip out of the papers for her.

    Also ever present is the metal make-up case, made by Prince Philip and presented to her as a wedding gift 60 years ago.

    And if there's still room in the bag she happens to be carrying, the Queen slips in a camera to take snaps to add to her private collection.

    Dampier and Walton also reveal the other uses of the monarch's bag.

    Before dining with the Queen, a point is made to inform guests that dinner will end in about five minutes after she places her bag on the table top.

    On walkabouts, she holds the bag to one side to show she intends to move on, at which point a lady-in-waiting joins the conversation, allowing her to slip away without causing offence.

    When at a banquet, if the Queen's bag is placed on the floor, then it's a sign that she's not finding the conversation interesting, and wants nothing more than to escape. However, if the royal bag is dangling happily from the crook of her left arm, she is happy and relaxed.

    'What's In The Queen's Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets' will be published on October 15 in the UK.
  2. very interesting uses for the bag itself!
  3. That's really interesting.
  4. wow - that is interesting.

    There's more to the "Queens bag" that I would have ever imagined.
  5. I think that's interesting how she uses it as a signal during events. I would have never thought of that. Honestly, I thought she carried the same stuff as everyone else in her bag.
  6. Interesting! Anyone know what kind of bag she carries, or what her favorite purse brand is? :graucho:
  7. I think that's fascinating... she is some woman

    Gotta love QEII.
  8. Very interesting stuff. I was amazed to read that she has her servants cut out crossword puzzles from the paper as I would assume she could afford to buy a whole book of them.
  9. I have always wondered what shes got in that bag, shes always got a bag even when she is technically in her own home. I wondered if it was empty - guess not!
  10. A meat hook!!!

    Queenie you need to get yourself on eBay you can pick up some very nice handbag hooks Dior even make a few, a meat hook simply won't do.
  11. A man probably wrote this. I doubt the Queen uses an actual MEAT hook. Wouldn't that leave dents and scratches on table tops? I'm sure it's a fancy platinum purse hook. She's a Queen after all.
  12. She could, but she's probably very frugal. By using the meat hook, she's making use of the resources available to her.
  13. someone needs to send the Queen a pursesitter! EGAWD! A meathook!??!
  14. wow! that's really interesting!
  15. Very interesting - I think I'll use the old "handbag on the floor if I'm bored" trick at parties myself, although my hubby would never get the hint!