See what I just received!

  1. Have been waiting for more than 10 days, finally here!
    pic 1.jpg
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  2. Let's see!!!
  3. The Pochette Metis in new color - Rose Bruyere!!
    LV 2.jpg
  4. So pretty! Love the color! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous
  6. WOW congrats! I tried this on in store and it's so so pretty! Was verrrry tempted to buy it :love:
  7. But....will be returning it. It is breaking my heart :sad::sad:
    See the black mark? It is very obvious, on the flap above the open lock. Also, the monogram is not that perfectly align on this piece.
    I called LV and they said this one is completely sold out, I am very sad now :hrmm::hrmm:.
    Should I keep it or not? What do you think :confused1::hrmm::sad::sad:
    LV 3.jpg
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  8. From afar, you can't even see it. But if it's bugging you, then return it. You need to be absolutely in love and convinced to commit! (It is however, very pretty!!)
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  9. Definitely worth the wait. I love this colour!!!!!! It’s my favourite pink shade of the LVs to date. I just wish it came in a key cles,.... congrats on your beautiful bag!
  10. You should buy it fyn!! It looked great on you!
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  11. Oh no! I can’t see it from afar, but if it is bugging you, (which I completely understand coz when you buy something luxury you have to be completely happy with it, or else you not use it) then you should return it.
    I guess you have to ask yourself, if you return it and you never get to buy one in this colour. Will you be sad, regret and disappointed.... if the answer is yes then you should keep it and be happy. But if you are still happy if you can’t get your hands on one, then that’s find. Also it depends how much this would bug you. Since you saw it, you’ll probably keep thinking about it, and obviously you know it’s there, so you might not be happy with it in the end anyway, so it’s best to return it. Hope that helps.
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  12. This colour is just fabulous - one of the best pinks of LV! See if you can have the boutique clean it, it may be removable. Enjoy your beautiful Pochette Metis!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. I'd take it to LV to see if they can remove the spot and if they can't return it.
  15. I would try to gently remove it myself with an eraser or a damp cloth.