see what i got for my birthday

  1. Hi! here they are::love:

    :heart:Damier Speedy 30:heart:
    [​IMG][​IMG] IMG_2498.JPG

    :heart:Neverfull pm:heart:

    my neverfull and speedy :yahoo:
  2. congrats !
  3. This is my first time to post pictures of my bags. I hope i did ok.
    now, i have a dilemma. which one shall i bring with me to Australia next week?
  4. thank you tryagain.
    i'm so happy. yay!!! i'm officially a TPFer!
  5. Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts you got; the bags are beautiful! If you are going to be traveling around Australia, take the Neverfull because you can wear it on your shoulder unlike the speedy.
  6. You're coming to AUSTRALIA!? lol that's where i am! lol

    for a holiday?:popcorn:


    BRING THE SPEEDY!!! never the

    1. speedy is more luxury >>> neverfull:upsidedown:
    2. speedy damier = no vachetta worries while on holiday:graucho:
    3. speedy has a zipper=:tup:no worries about things falling out from the neverfull which has no zipper!
    4. speedy is more sexier than the neverfull LOL :supacool:

    LOL!!! now you know which to take:party::popcorn:
  7. OH!!! :wtf:AND!!!

    happy birthday!!!:p

    have some popcorn! sorry
  8. Happy Birthday and congrats!
  9. LOL!!! yup!!! BUT lol:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    taking the speedy will minimise you from taking things you don't really need to take...

    because the neverfull ever like im saying since you can pack a lot!!! into the can take things you don't really need to if i have a big bag...for the fashion eg. a duffel bag...i want to fill it up!!! when i don't need i have a duffel for the look...but all i will be carrying is a wallet and thought is...i don't want your shoulders to hurt!!! LOL

    just my
  10. Congrats and happy b'day :love:
  11. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! (Glamazon Huntress, Madein 18, lvgodiva). Today truly is a very happy one for me.:yes: I have 2 beautiful bags, not just ordinary beautiful bags! but Louis Vuitton!:nuts: secondly, i'm going to Australia next week! it's my first time to visit. i know it's a beautiful place and i'll greatly enjoy my time there. :tup: Thank you also for your suggestions. please keep them coming. I still haven't made up my mind (on which bag i'll bring with me )yet!:confused1:
  12. Happy Birthday!!! nice purses.....
  13. Take the zips and is safer for travelling

  14. Thank you jenn4lv!:shame:
  15. Thank you lassvegasann!