See what fits in my Epi Montaigne Sac :D

  1. For those who wanna know...

    Here it is looking innocuous from the front, hiding all the junk it holds within


    As you sneak a peek overhead...


    And a full overhead view, to show what actually shows up through the open top :smile:


    So what's actually inside?

    montaigne_45.JPG montaigne_front.JPG montaigne_inside.JPG montaigne_overhead.JPG
  2. cool!
  3. what a gorgeous bag.
  4. AHHHHHHH... This is SUCH a pretty color! Congrats!
  5. Wow- style and substance! lol
  6. WOW! A beauty and hold loads of goodies.:smile:
  7. love the bag~I want one in Ivoire.

    THX for posting pics
  8. I love your bag and its contents :graucho:
  9. Beautiful bag!
  10. :yes:
  11. This bag is FABULOUS!!!
  12. Stunning bag. What accessories, thanks for sharing.
  13. Very nice bag. It holds more than I would have thought.
  14. wow, that's a lot! pretty bag, too.
  15. wow that bag holds a ton!! beautiful, oh so beautiful!