See Through/Clear Bags - Yay or Nay?

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Clear/Transparent Bags - Yay or Nay?

  1. Yes - I want to see what I need & where it is before I reach inside.

  2. Never - I don't want to advertise the contents of my bag to the world!

  3. Maybe - If the Designer/Price/Style was right, I might consider it.

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  1. I've seen these everywhere this season. I walked past 9 West yesterday, and that's all that was in their window display. Every designer from the lowest priced on up to top of the line designers, such as Chanel, LV and Dior are making these. What do you guys think of the see-through, transparent, clear bags?

    Personally, my handbags tend to be a source of chaos, with little to no organization (esp the larger ones w/one main section, like Gustto, Bulga, etc.). I wouldn't want anyone to see exactly what I was carrying in addition to it looking like I just dropped my "junk drawer" into my bag!! (seriously - receipts, pieces of paper w/notes/phone numbers, keys, recent pay stubs, wallet, my granddaughter's toys, etc!!). Why would I want to advertise not only what I'm carrying, to the outside world, but also my disorganization. No, a clear/transparent bag is definitely NOT for me!

    (I also think they look rather cheap - no matter WHO the designer is!)
  2. Definitely a nay for me. I don't get it. I don't want people to see all my stuff, and I agree that they look cheap. $1600 for a clear plastic Chanel bag? I really don't understand.
  3. ITA!!! They remind me of the plastic reusable shopping bags my mom used when I was little to go to the farmer's market!!! Those bags are just like the furry purses that look like a small animal to me-overdone and unnecessary.
  4. nay!
  5. Nay, what's the point of having a bag if everyone can see what you have? You might as well carry a paper or plastic bag.
  6. Nay. Not only do I not want people to see the contents of my bag, I also think they're kind of tacky and greatly overpriced. I could never spend $900+ for a plastic bag just because it was "designer".
  7. Nooooo :tdown::nogood: I dont like them, they look a bit cheap I think, just my personal opinion though.
  8. Ohhh no no no no no!
  9. I would consider one, I have been looking for a weekend run around bag to shove stuff in while at the mall or something like that. I keep my wallet (Hermes) in a dustbag (anal yes) so it doesnt get scratched and dinged, but I dont care who sees my agenda, keys, makeup bag etc. Clear bags were a BIG rage way back in the early 80's. They had cute little designs on them. They were fun.
  10. I remember - those and jelly shoes! (and those have made a comeback too!!).

    As for the clear/transparent bags - I've already seen them in various shades although the styles all tend to be the same (square/rectangular tote with rope-like handles). I guess I could see using one of these at the beach or by the pool, but that would be the ONLY time I'd use one. Never as a handbag, and I'd NEVER pay designer prices for one!
  11. LOL! I totally agree!!! What is the appeal? Easy to find stuff, yes, but also easy for pick-pockets too! And if I'm going to spend $1600 on a bag, it better be DRIPPING in opaque leather!! :yes:
  12. Some look really tacky... but some are cute! So it really depends!
  13. NAY!
    Especially if they are over a grand a piece - that's insane!
  14. Ditto. :tdown:
  15. I don't like them. They are ugly. The whole point of a handbag is to make the rest of your outfit cute. And looking at all the junk inside someone's bag could be a little embarrasing.