see this photos it is a fake?

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  1. Good evening at all,

    I have a problem which needs your help!
    First of all you know if does exist agent for louis vuitton?
    My cousine is going to buy her first luois vuitton but she isn't sure about the originality, by the description trught telephone I have some doubts because it seems like somewhat mixed for instance she describes it similar as popincourt but with straps :confused1: and two pocket on the two side !! HoweverI am attending some photos to show you.

    Please i need your help because I have to demonstrate that having a original LV makes the difference for all people who think that the fake are the same thing:Push:
    Immagine 327.jpg
  2. another image
    im2.jpg Immagine 324.jpg
  3. hi clodi,
    i think you'll have a much better response by posting it in the authenticate this louis vuitton in the LV shopping subforum. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.