See - this is why I like sunglasses that hide my eyebrows...

  1. I have a crooked face!
    I finally took my Suzie's to the optician to have them "adjusted" as they were all out of whack...
    the guy adjusts them, they fit perfect...yet look at me!

    I have one eyebrow higher than the other!!

    Do I look utterly stupid? If I do...might have to sell this babies...even though I love them...

    (pardon my 'do...had just taken the dog for a walk and taken a quick shower...)



    (sorry for the big pics...edited to make them smaller)
  2. You look great :smile:
  3. I think they look great on you. I think its just something YOU will notice. Not anyone else. They look really good!!
  4. No one would ever notice that you have one eyebrow higher than the other, silly! It is only you that notice it. I love the sunglasses, they look great on you, you should keep them. :supacool:
  5. dewey, my face is the same way. When they feel "good" they look crooked on my face and when they feel "crooked" they look straight on my face. Seriously, I think my ears are crooked. With all that being said, I don't think anyone else notices. We are all our worst critics. I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said something. I think they look fantastic!
  6. LOL - no one will think "dang her face is crooked" or "dang those sunglasses are all out of whack..."??

    I dunno why I'm paranoid about this...but thanks ladies!
  7. I didn't even notice until you mentioned it!
    They look great on you!
    Keep them, silly!
  8. Are you sure you have one eyebrow higher? It looks to me like they could have adjusted that side higher as your ear, eye, and eybrow look to be lower - I think it is the glasses that need to be adjusted - your pupils are not centered either. What the issue probably is is that your ear is lower on that side - if the arm can be adjusted then that can be compensated for.
  9. I know it's hard not to be paranoid, I have the same problem with sunglasses and it bothers the hell out of me! My big problem though is that I can't have anything sitting on my nose. It bothers me so much that I wind up touching them constantly and then eventually take them off.

    You look great though, and like everybody else said..nobody will notice it besides you. I say keep them. They're adorable!
  10. I think they look great!
  11. I think you look great in the sunglasses. I say keep em!
  12. i once had my eyebrows done by my mom's friends coworker and she told me "eyebrows are sisters not twins"
    so keep them, they good cute!
  13. Nope, I have the exact same problem.
  14. This is so true!! Every time I do mine or get them done, I always like one better than the other......

    And the sunglasses look fine on you!! Like others have said, you will probably be the only person that would notice.
  15. You are too critical of yourself - we all are. The glasses look fab - keep them!