See the pic of the Blue Glacier wallet that NM sent me, I ordered aqua!

  1. This color is super pretty IRL. I ordered aqua, they sent me BG. Now the aqua is sold out. THis is SO annoying. This has already been packed back up and sent back. BG is just not what I was looking for.

  2. Shasta, I am disappointed on your behalf. It has been a real problem this season getting the right color with the department stores. They don't seem to know the difference between french blue, blue glacier, and aqua. I hope that you will be able to find an aqua beauty somewhere else.
  3. Yeah, the dept stores are soooo bad with Bal color names.

  4. :shocked: I would be sooo annoyed!!! it is a pretty color tho, sorry this happened to you, are they at least gonna try and locate another one for you?:cry:
  5. Thats because most SA's there dont know the names and colors of anything Balenciaga. One day while I was at NM Scottsdale I was giving several of them a lesson in the styles and colors. I'd get fired if I faked my way thru my job, thats exactly what they do with theirs.

    saw the BG last week, but it was marbly and didnt get it. I hope you find the one you want! BalNY is sold out?
  6. Aww, shasta girl i am sorry.:sad: You had so many problems with the Aqua color. May be this is a sign for you to wait for the Fall colors.:graucho:
  7. OMG that totally sucks! i missed out on an aqua wallet earlier too, but to have the wrong one sent by a store is f-uped. sorry :sad:

    nanaz - great suggestion! do you know if they're making the money in the violet??
  8. Awesome color, hope you get what you want though!
  9. Sorry nicole since i am not a big fan of Balenciaga wallets i never cared to ask Kim.:sad: She is on vacation till the 7th. If you want, after she gets back from her vacation i can check for you.:yes:
  10. nanaz - you are so sweet! :girlsigh:i could call BalNY myself and not be lazy :p
    for some reason, i always think either you or incoralblue always know their inventory :rolleyes: silly, i know...

    wow, just dreaming about a wallet in violet right now - how pretty would that be?!
  11. nicole - that would be very pretty.:yes: I don't know why i don't like Balenciaga wallets, :nogood:that is why i never ask Kim. I think Violet Make Up Cluch would be even nicer.:tup:
  12. me too - i'm on BalNY's list, but we'll see what happens...