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  1. They show Andre and his wife with behind the scene footage of their photoshoot... plus he has his shirt offf omg... but they also show his DREAM trunk and what it would feature...
  2. The subtitles sure go fast. :p

    I just love these vids!!! :nuts:
  3. Where are they exactly? Clueless me is having techie trouble...yet again!

    Edit: Oh My god, How stupid am I???? It was right there, lol!
  4. Could someone tell me where they are on the site? :S
  5. Just select the UK site, then wait and it'll load up in the main window. I was wondering the same thing, lol!
  6. Thanks Olive.. I was being too impatient! :biggrin:
  7. I realled liked that...the trunk thing was neat.
  8. lol- when the title said "Journey" I immediately thought of the band- so thanks Matt for getting "Don't stop Believin'" stuck in my head :noggin: :p
  9. I like their new campaign. They are going back to their original themes of Vuitton as the makers of fine baggage and travel items. It is a nice refreshing change. I wonder if Deneuve's narratives will be in French and Gorby's will be in Russian? !!!
  10. Well, darn it, Valley, now that song is in my head!:jammin:
  11. I just saw the presentation... It was wonderful!

    Louis Vuitton really did an amazing job.
  12. yeah, me three~~~!:jammin::jammin::jammin:
  13. Me dreaming of Steve Perry :love: :love:
  14. Did I mention Andre with his shirt off?

    hhaha YUM!