See the New Ergo Saddle Bag out in April

  1. Hi. This is the Ergo Saddle Bag No 10740 in camel.
    It retails for $428 and will be in Coach Stored in April 07.
  2. Looks huge. It's always hard to tell from pics though. Something to look forward to.
  3. It does look big. I love large bags but that might just be too big
  4. It does come in a smaller size which is Ergo Small Saddle Bag No. 10739
    which retails for $198. I might get the smaller size as I am now hearing that
    carrying heavy bags causes chronic back and neck pain.:yes:
  5. Oooh that is gorgeous!! I am definately getting the smaller one, esp. if it's only $198 :nuts: I can testify to the heavy bags and neck pain ... hah.
  6. thanks for the picture i have been trying to look at Vogue on line to find a picture of it. can't wait to see the smaller version.
  7. If it comes in a smaller size than I might just have to get one :yes:
  8. I've seen that bag in black IRL... both sizes. The large one is huge, IMO.
  9. There will be a hobo in two sizes and a tote in two sizes, it will be in Legacy leather, and one of the colors is an awesome shade of blue. I may hang on to my gift card for this one...
  10. so the small one is just like the ergo i have, right (except mine is sig)?
  11. I really like it but does look kinda big..
  12. :nuts: :yahoo:
  13. how do i find this on the i would love to see it in leather. the small one that is. thanks for any info.
  14. you can't. it's a pilot bag.

  15. Now I'm EXCITED! - a slightly smaller version in the POND possibly? :nuts: