see the azur

  1. I wanted to go to the LV store today and maybe try to ask the SA's if they received the azur bags just too existed.
    Has anybody got to see them yet...??
  2. My local store will only have the Azur in around mid I still have to wait. I saw a clear magazine ad of the speedy today, the ad was shot in good strong daylight and I have to say I don't really fancy it from the page...but who knows...I have to see it in person and touch/feel it before I can form a proper opinion :smile:
  3. My SA told me they have it in the store already and wanted me to see it..I am out of town but will check them out next week..
  4. Yup! MY SO and I looked at them on Sunday!! They are gorgeous:smile:
  5. i saw the Azur french wallet and cles at the SF store a few weeks ago
  6. Yes, LV in Costa Mesa, CA have them on display with a sign that says: Available on November 1, 2006. They look pale/faded to would definitely look funny when the handles turn into patina unlike the mono.
  7. I am getting the Speedy and I am going to spray the heck out of the leather with Shining Monkey!!!
  8. i saw some accesories and the speedies last night..they are BEAUTIFUL! but definitely more summery
  9. At my local LV, they had it in the back and took it out to show me....

    Didnt really feel it though......
  10. yep i was there last monday and they had a few items on display.
  11. urg the store in montreal does not have them yet....
  12. :P Yes....I saw it yesterday at LV in Beverly Hills on Rodeo drive. I picked up the one on display by the register and unzipped it and scrutinized it...I :heart: it. It is very pale and muted which is what I love about it. The color is a pastel lavendar-ish type have to see it! The inside is canvas and pale almost white. I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I will put myself on the list...I don't know......And they aren't available til the 1st ( trust me, I tried)!
  13. Nicole.. where is Shining Monkey sold.. is it sold in stores?
  14. Saw it all at the Houston Galleria on Tuesday... wasn't too much of a fan, but it is ok looking!