See the Allure best beauty buys?

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  1. Did anyone see the new issue of Allure with the best beauty picks/
    Anyone using things that are in there that you feel really work and are great?
    There are a few things I think I might try.
  2. i don't know if they're on this year's list, but that have been in the past - aveeno's purely radiant cleansing pads are better than any high-end cleanser that i've ever tried. they're the only thing that can make me not flakey.
  3. I started a thread the other day about the old Thermasilk products actually being the same as the new Sunsilk Thermashine products. I learned about it from that same Allure issue. Thermasilk worked better for me than any expensive brand.
  4. I love Allure's list. I always seem to find at least one really great product that I've never even heard of.
  5. allure is the beauty bible...i go to it first before i even touch any other fashion magazine
  6. I know -- I just love Allure!
  7. ^^ Me too! :smile:
  8. I love Allure-I really should subscribe:hrmm:
  9. I'm glad they stopped putting the Maybeline great lash mascara as the best cuz it seriously sucks. They have Chanel Inimitable on there which I think is excellent. Or course there are the usuals like Smashbox primer, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Nars blush. I think they also put the Cleu de Peau concealer on there which is hands down best concealer ever (at $68+tax a pop it better be!).