See! Someone does reasonably priced and not 'copied'!

  1. I know this is far from high end but I thought this was a cute bag. Its from Talbots and their website says....

    Softly structured bag with straight forward fashion sense.Top magnetic snaps, inside zip and slip pockets, fully lined. (Item # A12611)

    Not bad...and it comes in four colors!
  2. the tourquoise one is soooooo pretty
  3. Oh, those are cute!
  4. Cute bags. I like the green one.
  5. And at that price, you can almost justify buying them all! Oh, and I was wrong, it comes in FIVE colors!
  6. Pretty colors for the spring and summer! luv them!:lol:
  7. That is cute for a good price!
  8. I love the colors!
  9. Very cute!
  10. i agree! i like it! its a very cute colour! :amuse:
  11. These are nice. I know I will visit Talbots in the near future.
  12. Talbots has a rep for being an "old lady store" but I've bought items there from time to time that get lots of compliments from my younger co-workers. I've had a couple of Talbots bags in the past, and found them to be cute and well made.
  13. I went to the website and it says sale for $98!! The gold color looks nice, as well.
  14. I too shop in Talbots from time to time when I see something I like from there. I also like their summer stuffs and I must say I have quite a bit of them counting the years. :P

    Those bags are nice and perfect for Spring and Summer bags especially for their prices. I got their catalogs all the time. Talbots also known for it's classic style although sometimes I think their collections is a bit too plain but not all of them. Some of them are really nice and sophisticated.
  15. The turquoise one is cute :biggrin: