See pics of my DIVINE TRIFECTA!!!

  1. So i've been busy moving bags around (buying and selling, that is, not just rearranging them in my display case, ha!) so i could complete my Chanel holy grail/divine trifecta! LOL! i sound like i'm laundering money or something haha. but luckily i was able to complete this trifecta in a span of about 6 weeks once i started actively looking. i could not have done this without my sisters at tpf. you all know who you are, my fellow enablers and dealers!! I :heart: you for sending me further down into my addiction!

    so here are the lovely jumbo blush patent, grey reissue 226, and bordeaux reissue 226:



    since i've already posted a lot of pix before about my reissues, here are two extra pics of the blush:


    pretty darn true to life in terms of color:

  2. Errrrrrkkkk...... need some oxygen.....
  3. You have such a beautiful collection of bags.Hard to say which favourtie is cos they are all gorgeous.
  4. Beautiful!
  5. sighhhhh... i love the blush sighhh... seriously dying to have it :sad:
  6. that jumbo is do I get one?
  7. larkie!! havent talked to u in ages on AIM!!

    love love the blush patent... =)
  8. make it stop, make it stop :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    oh my goodness, your blush has tipped me over the edge :biggrin:


    So, can I ask, what does your entire collection look like now, with these beauties in!!!! We neeeeeeed to see a new picture now of your incredible bags :smile: (please)
  9. Wow, how beautiful. I really am loving the blushes, and of course the re-issues.
  10. thanks ladies! the jumbo is...well...large on me! but i shortened the chain and i'm gonna try to rock it to the best of my ability, hehe. i'll post modelling pics later. i just love the color so much i don't mind if i look a little goofy with a big bag.

    chloe-babe, i'll post a family portrait soon!!
  11. Beautiful
  12. Larkie!!!! OMG, everytime you post pics of your babies, I have to remember to breathe..........gorgeous!!!
  13. :yes: what beautiful bags you have! i especially love the blush jumbo. is that color still being sold in the US?
  14. You must have one heck of a collection! Love em, congrats!
  15. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I would just die for a 227 burgundy reissue, seriously.