SEE! Never hurts to ASK!

  1. I saw a reversible tote pop up on eBay today...gently used, pictures looked great, with a starting bid of 9.99. No bids yet.

    contacted the seller and asked if she'd do a BIN.

    She said "sure - make me an offer...I had to relist due to a NPB, that bid was $200"

    I offer her $189 plus shipping ($11) so $200 total.


    I'm soooooo happy. Getting the bag for below retail...and it's the one I want. WOOHOO!

    AND she lowered the shipping to $9...:yahoo: got it for $198!


    I am SOOOO on a purse ban right now...:banned:
  2. Ooooh nice! Can't wait for more pics. Excellent for you!
  3. OMG...that is totally freakin' awesome! Jealous now...want that tote so bad but I am also on a self-imposed buying ban! Great deal for you deweydrop!
  4. Congratulations, got your fav bag!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!
  5. Whenever I see something I really want and there's no BIN listed I always ask the seller if they'd be willing to add it to their listing. I'd say that my success rate is 50/50. I think a lot of sellers don't put them on because, unless there is a reserve, the BIN gets killed as soon as a bid is placed.
  6. actually I'm a smidge disgusted in myself! heheh

    I bought a shoulder tote at the outlet on the 9th.
    A legacy flap off eBay on the 17th...
    and now this! :wtf:

    I NEED TO STOP! (but really - I will! because I now have this bag and my gorg green Hamptons bag to get me through the summer....NO MORE COACH! NO MORE COACH!)

    yeah...I said that with conviction? right? heheheheh
  7. That's FABULOUS! Gorgeous bag! I knew how bad you wanted one and I had been posting some on the eBay finds thread-- was it one of them or a different one?

    CONGRATULATIONS! YAY! Post pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  8. Sweet deal and nice looking tote!
  9. Congrats on your tote!! I love the gold version of it!
  10. Yay! how exciting for you! =D

    I do that all the time lol. I'll email ppl selling items I want and beg for the item now. but that's my instant gratification problem popping up there. ;P
  11. WOW!
    Great buy!

    IT NEVER hurts to ask!:yes:
  12. Congrats! Post pics when you get it!
  13. Congrats!! That's such a nice bag. I have one myself :smile:
  14. congrats dewey! the gold is my favourite after punch. good deal!
  15. Yea!! :yahoo: That's an awesome deal!! I'm glad you finally got a bag you were looking for!