See my pretty new bags that came today!

  1. Okay here are the bags that ya'll helped me pick out! I'll try to show them like Noriko does.

    Wow! What a big box, my husband wonders what is in it! (Darn those saturday deliveries):shame:
  2. That's my dog Cody in the background.
  3. and then...
  4. Oh, very nice! I don't know, you might want to check with Noriko to see whether she's "trademarked" the unvealing of her new purses....;)
  5. Okay, i don't know how to make the pictures go vertically without submitting a new entry.

    I save the best for last.
  6. :love:
  7. :nuts:
    IMAG0019.JPG IMAG0021.JPG
  8. A couple of more views.
    IMAG0018.JPG IMAG0020.JPG IMAG0024.JPG
  9. gorgeous picks! the detailing on the botkier is lovely!
  10. So far so good!!! Very nice! I am now waiting patiently.
  11. Well that's all folks!
    IMAG0025.JPG IMAG0030.JPG
  12. I really like Botkier! Lovely bags!
  13. love the bags, and your dog! what breed?
  14. :nuts: Awwww...just lovely. What a treat!!!
  15. Love the batignolles, great choice ! ;)