See my new Cambon ballets!

  1. I'm soo happy to share my latest addtion. My Cambon ballet flats from Bellagio Chanel Las Vegas. Yes, it's NASCAR weekend and a ton of people on the LV strip, but that didn't stop me from grabbing these babies! I'll also be filling you in with what I saw in store! Another post to follow!

    Chanel1.jpg Chanel2.jpg
  2. Wow!!CONGRATZ!!
    they are so cuteeee
  3. What a pair of sweet looking ballets!
  4. They're adorable. Enjoy them...
  5. I love these!!
  6. very cute!! congrats!
  7. so cute!
  8. it is really cute! Congrats :yes:
  9. Very cute, congratulations!
  10. so prettYY! Congratz!!!! :love::love:
  11. So hot! I love them!;)
  12. eek!! those are so adorable!! those are the chanel shoes I want! *grrrrrr* CONGRATS!!!
  13. Sooo cute! I tried a pair of these on yesterday. They are very comfortable.
  14. Those are so cute!!! Enjoy them!

  15. Cute, let us know if they are comfortable. I am in need of flats.