See-ME Se-Quin Intrecciato Hobo

  1. A most beautiful bag! And a coincidence that both of you bought the very same style.

    Bichon Lover calls it "sister from another mister." Cracks me up.
  2. I love that saying, jburgh! and I love the bag too...surprise, surprise...i seem to not be able to say "NO" where these bags are concerned...:lolots::lolots::lolots:
  3. I guess ryrybaby12 and I are "sisters from a different mister." Very catchy phrase.

    Glad you like the bag, I couldn't resist it either. :nuts::yahoo:
  4. I want to come steal this bag! :nuts: :sneaky:

    I've always heard

    "brother from another mother" and "sister from another mister".

    I guess they stuck in my head because they rhyme. :girlwhack:
  5. ^^LOL!! I love all of the above....okay- so LC- we use, sister from another mister....LOL! It is so true.

    Bichon- you can come steal this from me anytime- I needed it like I need a hole in the head:smile:

  6. FANTASTIC, I'm on my way. :broom: I don't need any more holes in my head either but that never stopped me. ;)

    OH boy.... just noticed the 112 degrees. :sweatdrop: Where am I going anyhow?????? :thinking: Don't want to get lost.