See how I pair my 07' Chanel DS 227 reissue w/yet again Camellia sling back heels!!

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  1. Dearest friends:

    I am coming back here.... And oh, we are still having fun w/ mix-and-match outfit on my old thread in "Wardrobe". Just to let you know, I post all Chanel ACT I RTW (pic) catalog there and should have ACT II by this weekend or so.

    I like to max out my little wardrobe to pair my Chanel bags and shoes. For most of you probably will do the same as me, to rotate your clothes for a week of fun!! :tup: My DH told me that's my strength too and I know that's the trick he doesn't want me to buy tons of RTW. But I still fell into his compliment. :shame:

    Yesterday I tried a new shade on my toes. I think the pink has a pretty sheen and also flatter the Chanel Camellia sling back heels. Just to remind you that this shoes are unbelievable glamorous to go w/ almost everything. How about the orange skirt w/ them?

    Don't be afraid of getting shoes dirty. :tup:

    Enjoy my pic. and thanks for letting me share here again. :heart:

    Top: Silver long shirt
    White bib shirt
    Skirt: Max Mara weekend line Orange bubble skirt w/ black dots lining.
    Belt: Max&Co.
    Shoes: Chanel Camellia Tulle sling back heels
    Bag: Chanel 07 DS 227 Reissue




  2. you look gorgeous!
  3. those shoes are adorable, looks great :biggrin:
  4. Those shoes are amazing!
  5. I've seen those shoes IRL and they are gorgeous! Your modeling pics are always so pretty!
  6. You look great! And I love the toes just peeking out of the shoes, the color is so pretty!
  7. I love the pink polish! (and the rest of the outfit, too!)
  8. Wow, I love your shoes!!!
  9. Very cute get-up. Thanks for sharing.
  10. wow! you carry your clothes, shoes, bag really well.
  11. Love those shoes!!! :tup:
  12. love your outfit! you look great !
  13. Nice outfit, love those shoes.
  14. hot hot hot!
  15. these shoes are just stunning! what season are they from please???? I just :heart: them! you look amazing!