SEE dark circle and puffy eyes treatment ?

  1. They might not be treatable. The only way I can get rid of mine is surgery. No treatment like that will work on hereditary ones that are caused by deep set eyes and thin skin bec the skin isn't dark due to pigmentation issues which is what those types of treatments actually correct.
  2. There's surgery that can get them done ? I didn't know u can get them done. I went for one of those laser before they said my have red and purple very hard to treat with laser but I try anyway. I got it done one time never came back because it hurts so much I was a chicken. Then they suggest me that I can insert fat co my dark circle wouldn't so noticeable. U need to insert fat every 6months or so, I never try it though.

    Where do u go to get them done ? and what do u call those kind of surgery ?
    I'm asking a bit too much cause I really want to get rid of my dark circle, they been with me for yrs and they make me look so old.
  3. A good plastic surgeon can do it. I haven't done it yet bec I am a little scared they'll screw up and my eyes will be wonky. I need fillers and lasering to try to tone mine down. I've had since I was born and I look like I got the crap beat out of me. I don't leave the house without pounds of concealer.
  4. I had been using the PTR Power K Eye Cream from Sephora.

    I dont have dark eye circles but i have puffy eyes.
    When I went to my PCP for normal check up, i always ask her about my fine lines or the tinted area on the inner corner of my eyes. She stated Vitamin K will help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark eye circles. We get dark eye circles due to stress or lack of sleep. For hyperpigmentation which i have because I rub my eyes too much or press the eye area too much.