SEE Azur with patinaed vachetta !! it Looks GREAT.

  1. I edited this pic in Photoshop pls put comment on how the Azur looks with
    its patinaed vachetta.

    I wanted to post a bigger pic (cos it looks much better with a bigger image), but it restricted me with 195kb. anyone can help me??

    thanks a lot
  2. I can try to make the photos larger for you. PMed you!
  3. It looks marvellous
  4. great minds think alike! I was thinking of eiditing an azur pic to see the patina. it stil looks good IMHO.
  5. ntep: would you mind if I use your pictures to share on my local lv weboard? I think people here would like to see how it looks like with patina, too. Thank you.I
  6. i think it looks good. at first i was a bit worried about how it would look, but not anymore hehe
  7. btw, the webboard is not's the lv webboard in my country :smile:.
  8. woa ntep.. i have just introduced you to this place and now you already going crazy hey......... i guess that's what happen if you finish your exam and have a new bag to show around
  9. sure numommam ,...
    I dun mind at all. since I edited this image to share with others.
  10. LOL, just wanna show people Azur will still looks good with the patinaed vachetta ^o^
  11. Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!
  12. excellent job! thanks for doing this for us ;) i finally had the time to check them out today and i quite liked what i saw :yes:
  13. Thanks! I think it looks great.
  14. Awesome, thanks for the pics :heart: !! I think i might go check out the Azur Speedy tomorrow or Sat. I hope they still have some left @ Crown store when i get there:graucho:
  15. awesome. i never thought i'd say this but i think the azur looks better patinaed vachetta........thanks for sharing