See All items button on ebay- ebay new policy?

  1. I do not know if anyone else is aware, but with ebays new policies for people to search for something in the US they now have to press the See all item button to see sellers from overseas.

    It use to be if you was in England and you selected worldwide postage it automaticly came up in the listings on the US, not any more, like I said you now have to press the See all items to call up oversea sellers.

    This I would think is a right pain, as would think a lot of would be buyers in the US do not do this so people listing in other countries although will post worldwide their listing is not showing unless this button is pressed so we lose a lot of buyers.
  2. You mean, at the bottom of the page?or elsewhere?
  3. I have noticed this sometimes, but not every time. I just checked ladies skirts and did see some from international sellers; no "see all button" at all. Perhaps it depends on the type of item being sold?
  4. Wow, thanks - I did not know this but wondered why my recent search results were so small!!!

    (On the left side, I clicked on 'Location: WORLDWIDE' and it brought up UK etc auctions which I always used to get automatically...)
  5. Is that why I don't see my favourite US seller auctions, when I do a search? It comes up as nothing for sale. But I know they have items up, because I have been sent a link (privately). Even if I do an "Advanced Search" and include items from the States, it still will not show up!

    Do I press this See All button, or does the seller and where is this button? I looked but can't find it!
  6. Bumping to ask again... where is the 'See All items' button? I can't find it anywhere!
  7. Hi Jayne, I don't know if has a different format, or UK for that matter, but in the US I get a list of SEARCH OPTIONS on the left side of my screen (might be in other places too like advanced search). I now need to select BOTH "Location: Worldwide", then further below there is a "See All Auctions and Stores Items" or something to that effect. Perhaps that is the 'See All' Saich2 was referring to? But I had that particular 'See All' already as a default and I wasn't getting overseas auctions lately - adding Worldwide did the trick for me. Good luck!
  8. This is so annoying!

    Someone sent me their auction link, which I can't find by doing a search. I know the auction is up, because I saved it to 'My eBay' page. I don't NEED it, I already have it, but I am using this particular US auction as an example to see if it comes up in a search.

    I went to 'advanced search' and tried items in the US and then again for worldwide. I included "All items including Store Inventory Items" and I even used some of the title wording in the search and... nothing. It comes up as '0 items'!

    I have this seller in my favourites page and when I click on her items for sale... it shows nothing. But I know that's inaccurate because I have her auctions (sent to me by link) in my eBay page.

    I think there must be a glitch?
  9. ugh......
    Trust me, your options are way better than we I have.
    For ebay china, if you log in through you even will not have the option to see international sellers. They only give domestic auctions......
    So, I always have to login through ebay US
  10. It worked! Thank you, bingdan! How odd that with all my checking off buttons, nothing worked... but going through .com... I found them!
  11. hehe, that is actually the first time I could help someone on this forum........
    feelling really gooooooooooooooood now haha
  12. I'm forever grateful, bingdan.

    Boy that was annoying, trying to see listings that are there, but not to me... and the answer was so simple! :smile:
  13. The line See all items is at the bottom of the listing page. US buyers need to click this to see items other countries are selling that sell worldwide. It is so annoying. It use to be if you sold a high end item and post worldwide it would automaticly come up, not any more so people who sell in the UK and post worldwide are losing a lot of buyers from the US as most US buyers just search for an item say Fendi Spy the listing comes up but they do not see the items any more from other countries unless they press this button
  14. Should have said link not button, keep calling it a button for some reason...LOL
    This is what use to happen,
    I would list something high end in the UK and select post Worldwide
    Someone searching for that item in the US would automaticaly find it when they type in the words say...Fendi listing would automaticaly come up in the US. (by the way not selling a Fendi spy)
    Not any more
    Now if I list in the UK and say post worldwide
    the only way people in the US can see my listing is by hitting the link at the bottom of the page See all items.
    So people are not getting sellers so much from the US as very few people hit this link.
    I have been told by ebay this is to do with their new listing policy
  15. I live in the US and I am still seeing UK listings for LV bags when I do a regular search on eBay. I don't have to click on the See All Items link for UK items to appear.