Seductive Gold & Black Smokey Eye Look eyeshadow

  1. if your like me and always wondered how to do a decent smokey eye lol i cant be the only one thats totally clueless.. i found this pretty good video on youtube where this girl does a step by step process and shows you how to do it...:shame:

    Seductive Gold & Black Smokey Eye Look eyeshadow
    Sexy Silver, Grey & Black Smokey Eye Look eyeshadow
    Sultry, Sexy Purple Smokey Eye eyeshadow look

  2. Incidentally Too Faced has this new Galaxy eye shadow that's a swirl of black and your choice of one other color, including gold.
  3. Pretty certain that is one of our tPFers!!

    She does INCREDIBLE eyes! Thanks for posting. I will definately be using these techniques!
  4. Theres a brand at sephora that has a smoky eye eye shadow kit and i forget which one it is... they have like 4 differnt shades.. i like the silver one she did! i freakin love silver eye shadow haha
  5. she has so many colors, i am jealous! oo the purple one! I love wearing purple and silver :p
  6. There's a great eye makeup thread on here somewhere - try "eye makeup" or some variations of that.

    A few tPFers have posted photos and everything and the best thing is, there's all sorts of different eyes on there: Asian, Caucasian, small, big, round, almond....
  7. You're not the only one that's totally clueless, lol. I've spent the whole weekend watching videos on how to do smokey eyes, and practicing. Thanks so much for posting these!
  8. Thanks for posting....I'm totally clueless as to how to get that smoky eye effect as well!! I always end up looking like I have a bruised eye or my make-up is smeared.
  9. LOL, me too!
  10. Those are so helpful, I so want to learn how to do this look.
  11. Those are great. I have always been amazed by makeup application. I can't do eye shadow to save my life. I always look too made up. Plus I can't line my inner eye. It makes my eyes water.
  12. Wow!! those were very good.

    I always start with the pale pearl color on the brow bone, then apply color to the lid and finish off with the crease. I like how she did hers in reverse. and for the smoky eye, although putting on two coats of mascara works I really like the look of adding falsies and putting on mascara on those!!

    also for the eye liner, I always like the top liner to be very large instead of thin like how she did in the video. I never really though of smudding since I use a liquid eyeliner. but I will defeinitely do that. helpful once again

    very good videos. picked up some great new tips
  13. ^ Have you tried it? It looks so pretty, but the pics make it seem so colorful. I wouldn't use it if it was blue or green, but if it was true black/gold I'd love it.
  14. ^ No I haven't. But I chanced upon them while browsing Sephora to use up my gift cards. I'd probably choose blue or green, cos gold normally looks like a sparkly nothing on my gold-toned skin. :sad:
  15. i tried the Too Faced smokey eye starter kit from sephora. It didnt turn out that great..haha..i looked like a racoon or panda depending on the angle.