1. So I got my first Sedu 1.5in Straightener yesterday and I just had a few questions. I never owned one but my I have tried one before. Firstly, is that green light supposed to blink like mad on it? Secondly , I heard it was better to curl with a 1in one, any luck curling with the 1.5? I tried it and had a little luck but I dunno if its bc I am doing it all wrong...:shame:
  2. When the green light blinks like that, it means your flat iron has reached the desired temperature and is ready for use.

    I haven't tried curling with the 1.5". I currently have the 1.00" and actually use it more to curl my hair than straighten it.
  3. I own the 1.5" one, but I've recently purchased a GHD and am loving the GHD. I did manage to do curls with my 1.5", but my hair is almost waist-length.. so it may be because I had the length for big curls. I would imagine a thinner one would make better curls. And yes, the blinking light is normal.