Sedu, GHD MK4, Chi Turbo... PLEASE HELP

  1. Sedu, GHD MK4, or Chi Turbo 1" ceramin straightener.

    Okay, so as usual in my quest for knowledge before "technical buy" I have done so much research that it has put me in a bind. I don't know which of these irons to go with.

    I've heard CHI is good however it has a life of about 4-6 months on average and tends to dry out the hair more in the long run. I've heard many praises for the GHD (if I get it, it will be the HOT PINK one).

    I've search the forum via Google and read different reviews, but none have helped with the brain hiccup I've placed on myself. Please help, I'd like to order soon before my trip to Atlanta, the LV store will find away to suck my little savings out of my pocket, LOL.

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. Chi sucks. I had one and it really messed up my hair. It caused alot of breakage, especially since I already had highlights in my hair. I will never get a Chi again.

    Bought both a GHD and Sedu. Performance-wise I think both these flat irons are equal. GHD looks nicer and comes in nicer packaging but, wasn't worth the 150 dollar difference. GHD heats up in 5 sec and turns off automatically after 30 minutes. Sedu takes 30 seconds to heat up and doesn't turn off automatically. I'm not sure if the newer Sedu model has these functions. The GHD I had bought was the newer one for $240 dollars. I think I got my Sedu during a recent sale at for $80.

    My vote is for the Sedu, especially if you aren't trying to spend a whole lot of money on a flat iron. Off topic, but I use my Sedu to curl my hair more than to straighten it.
  4. If you want to know more about the GHD use the search feature. There are ALOT of threads about it here!!!
  6. THE GHD! ENUFF said!
  7. GHD is THE best iron out there..I love it. The pink one is so cute! I don't have this one though...I got my GHD before the pink one came out and it's pointless to get another one. These babies don't break. :smile: It takes me less than 5 minutes to straighten my hair even if I just curled it. Loves it! :amuse:
  8. Seems like GHD is the way to go thus far. I'd pretty much canceled out on the idea of buying a Chi.

    Thank you ladies, (new to thread please leave your opinion as well).
  9. GHD! My sister said my hair is nice and soft now.
  10. for straightener - the best is GHD
    for blow dryer - the best is T3
  11. ^ i always thought blow dryers were pretty much all the what's the difference?....i need an enlightening. :biggrin:

    i'm scared to buy from Folica...are they the only ones who sell Sedu?