Sedu Flat Iron (I need your help, please!)

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  1. Hi ladies! I saw the other thread about fake GHDs, but I was wondering if you know how to tell if a Sedu is fake.

    Seems like the newer models look slightly different than the older ones...or maybe my newer one is fake?

    If you have a Sedu, could you please tell me:

    - When did you buy it?
    - Does yours have a swivel cord?
    - What does it say on the panels of your flat iron?
    - The part you plug into the outlet...what does it look like?

    My old one had a swival cord, but the new one doesn't.

    My old flat iron said "Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron" on one side only. The other side said, "IC Automatic Sense Control System". But my new one says "Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron" on both sides.

    As for the plug, my old one was more rectangular. The new one is curved and the buttons look different.

    I've looked online to find guides for determining fakes, but nothing came up. Also, I didn't buy the iron from eBay.
  2. Just bought mine after Christmas from It does not have a swivel cord (and I hate it because my cord keeps getting wound up :cursing: ). Both sides of my iron say Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron. The plug part looks just like any other plug...I dont see anything particular about it.

    Sounds like your new one may be authentic, but you might want to double check with if they will help in case you ever have problems with it. Where did you buy your Sedu?
  3. I have one. It does not have a swivel cord, but mine isn't the new Sedu Revolution one, I have the old one. I also bought mine from Folica. When you plug it in, there should be a little green light.

    The temperature switcher thingy shouldn't have buttons, it should have this round thing and you can push it to whatever temperature you want (sorry it's hard to explain), the highest on my Sedu being 410.

    (But I believe the new one goes to 450? I am not sure.)
  4. Yeah, I had to buy mine from Folica because there isn't a salon around here that sells Sedu. The first flat iron I had was from a couple of years ago, so maybe the design is just different. Just needed clarification. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, the one I got is also the old one - the one with 1.5-inch rectangular plates. Mine also shows the green light and has a dial to change the temperature.

    mcb100, on both sides of your plates, does it say the same thing?