Security tags on purses??

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  1. Hi everyone! I have a weird dilemma, just bought my mom an ebene hampstead pm, every since then whenever we go into a department store, such as nordstroms and macys, she seems to be setting off the security sensors that are at the entrances in the stores. does LV have some kind of security sensors or tags inside the purses that maybe the SA forgot to remove? this certainly has never happened to me before, maybe it's just a fluke, but was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this, any comments would be appreciated, TIA!!
  2. Look in the inside pocket for a small black bar shaped tag. A lot of the time they set off the sensors. HTH!
  3. My mom said she checked, but I should've known, found a hard plastic thing in the cell phone pocket wrapped in LV paper, that must be it, thanks!!:0)
  4. They do have very discreet security tags which are removed when the item has been purchased. That's what they do in the back room while a customer waits for their items. HTH
  5. When I purchased my Artsy MM on Saturday, the alarm went off. Luckily, a SA came straight to my rescue and checked my bag and found it in a pocket. We laughed about how some women would go through stores with those still attached to their clothing. It happens. I guess some SAs are just in a hurry to get you out that they forget to take it out, or just didn't feel it when they were checking. Human error. :P