SECURITY TAGS--have they helped you win a claim?

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  1. I know lots of people use them, and I just placed an order for Tampertabs.

    I've done searches through the forums, but haven't found a success story about how having a seller's mark helped you win a claim. can someone share their experience? good or bad?

    I plan on writing on there "This tag, untouched, proves that this xxxbag/shoe/dress came from me ____(signature)" I will videotape myself attaching the tag to the item, and packing the item and putting the postage label on there.

    I hope that will be enough to protect me, or should I get a piece of my purple hair measure 4&1/4" stuck in the adhesive too just in case the buyer buys the same tag and imitates my handwriting exactly?:P
  2. really? that sounds like a lot of work.

    for me, it is not about the claim. the tags are for scaring away the scammers so they do not buy in the first place :P
  3. it's for scaring people away yes, but if someone wasn't planning on scamming me, has buyer's remorse, and decides that they'd rather be morally rotten than keep a purse after they spilled wine on it, then I wouldn't mind the work it takes to win a $1000 claim.
  4. I have a different type tag... they are permanently numbered (#'s stamped into the plastic) in sequence. I put the tag on the bag, photo for auction w/ tag on, mention security tag in listing.
    THEN, when I mail the bag, I include a letter that states similar to this....

    Security Tag # XXXX

    Dear Buyer:
    To ensure the safety of your bag during shipping and receiving, a blue numbered Security Tag has been attached to your bag. Please inspect your bag upon receipt and confirm this tag. No items may be returned once tag has been removed.
    To remove tag, carefully cut tag off of bag.


    Or something to this effect.
    No idea how helpful it would be in a claim, have not had to go there. Many retail stores do this, and I think it would help deter the switching of bags.
  5. i agree with ellie mae, the main thing is to ensure that if,for whatever reason,the bag is coming back to you then you get the bag you send.
    i bought a bag from a very good and reputable seller and it had the tags, it also mentioned in the auction that no returns unless the tag was intact.
    the hair idea is good too!:lol:
  6. intresting i havent had a problem with the few bags i have sold but i may start doing this to keep myself safe!
  7. It is more of a detterence than anything else.

  8. Whatever one has to deter, that is what one has to do..

    And the dear buyer is right on....
  9. Hi Ellie Mae,

    Would you mind please posting or PMing me where you get those sequentially-numbered tags, and also PM me a link to one of your listings, so I can see how you photo it. I need to sell some bags, and have been proscrastinating because of all the scary buyers I read about on here. I have wanted to do something similar to what you are doing, so maybe if I see how you do it, I can stop procrastinating.

    Also, when you send the email with the actual serial number on the tag, obviously, that has to come after the buyer has won, but how do you send it, so it is considered part of your auction, per ebay rules?

    Thanks so much, you are always so very helpful!


  10. Hi Mar.. PF rules forbid posting one's own auctions or giving out one's selling ID. But, I'll include a couple of pix for you to see.

    The tags I use are actually some type of tag used here locally by a landscaping business, which is where I got these. They lock end-to-end and have to be cut off. I simply attached them to a handle/strap ring of a bag.
    I would then include a LETTER in the shipment of the bag, as described in my prior post. And mention in the listing that the bag would have a numbered security tag attached as shown in photos.

    If you search the ebay forum for security tags, you will find many posts about using security tag, and several other members have bought them on ebay. I think there are MANY types available, the key is to get some that are LOCKING, so that once attached they need to be cut off and cannot be re-attached. Hope that helps!

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  11. EllieMae, thank you so much. I love, love the tree tags!!!
    Just one follow-up question, so can the potential bidders see the tag's number in the photos in the auction photos from the beginning, or do you only email the tag's number after the auction ends to the winning bidder in a confirmation email, through ebay?
    Thanks again.

  12. Usually, the photos in the auction show only partial #'s. I do however take a picture of the fully numbered tag on the bag for MY records.
    And I don't send an email about the tag. I place the letter w/ the tag # in the box w/ the bag when I mail it to the buyer.
  13. Good post and very helpful dialog.

  14. Question: where do you buy security tags? I don't want to buy by the tons.
  15. Sophie, I bought mine from a local landscape co but I am told variations of locking tags are sold on eBay.