security tag.

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  1. hello,
    I got my my prada bag today but it came with a security tag. the sticky kind.
    what's the easiest way to remove it without damaging the leather?
    please help.
  2. pics?NO clue what kind of tag it would help us help u!
  3. Could you just cut off the tags?
  4. this appeared before for my prada dress and skirts, but just adhered to the material tags inside. i simply removed it. no problem
  5. well, the bag that i got was the fairy bag, and on the inside of the bag. the security tag was stuck to it. i was afraid that removing the tag would damage
    the leather. so i took it to the prada store. the sales rep removed the tag and then closed up the bag. i checked the inside of the bag and there was a stain
    where the tag was removed. i felt that they were trying to hid it from me and hoped that i would leave quietly. anyway i wanted to return it and they said that they would locate another bag for me. needless to say. i'm very upset with the service.
  6. I would be upset too. can you take it back for another one? It is such a pretty bag
  7. they're going to send me another one. hope that this one has no marks on it.
  8. GL to you. I hope this one doesn't have marks as well. I hear these bags are quite delicate.