Security tag still inside my bag+bad service

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  1. ok i went to london to get my jumbo caviar prior price increase, i did have a bit of buyer remorse but this morning when i took the bag out i thought i'm glad i bought it until i open the flap and the SECURITY TAG is still inside the bag :wtf:

    i cant believe it. i called today, the lady said she will call me back in 2 mins but after 4.5 hrs i called them again and male SA said 'what do you want me to do' :wtf::wtf: excuse me i was like. he said i can send the bag back and they will remove the tag and send it back to me.

    to be honest i wasn't impress because it means i have to make another trip to london (i dont trust the post). incur costs which i do not have to.

    i'm scared of using the bag just incase i set off security alarms in shops.

    i'm so annoyed right now. my cousin said dont try getting the tag off myself just incase i ruin the inside.

    has this happen to anyone here?
  2. I believe this happened to someone in a previous post. That stinks..wish you had received better CS especially for Chanel!! :yucky:
  3. Oh alouette, how exciting!! Congrats!!

  4. kaka28.... not again, someone just posted with the same situation, a security tag in a gold flap.... what happened? is it a trend....

    I feel sorry that this is happening to you, I hope it didn't ruin your love for the Jumbo, it's a great bag... hope you manage to get the tag removed soon...
  5. Why didnt the security tag set off the alarm when you left the shop? where did you buy it?
  6. ^^^^ happened to you as well.. this really is not on. i'm thinking of writing a complaint letter for the service on my phone calls.

    the SA who served me was very sweet and nice, apparantly she was a temp so maybe she didnt know. she was young too, i personally do not blame her but the two SAs in particular the male one who answered my call.

    anway CHANELSPELL i love the gold and the tweed bag is so nice too.

    congrates to you too. BTW when i saw the title i thought your SA really did left you a special gift, i didnt realise you mean the security tag.

    so did you bring the bag back to get it removed?
  7. Wow, definitely don't try to remove it yourself. I've heard that some of them have ink inside so if you tamper it spills the ink (have no idea if this is true or if it even applies for Chanel security tags). Either way, you might end up tearing something in the bag.

    I would be very upset and you have every right to complain to the store. Even if you mailed it to them, you still incur shipping costs.

  8. i bought it from sloanne street. yes i asked the same question but my cousin said they didnt have the security thing around the door (i cant remember whether i saw it or not).

    but i went into other stores with security alarms at the door but i got in and out without setting the alarm off. weired.

    i think next time i will go to other chanel stores than sloanne. their service is really poor compare to others.
  9. i heard the same thing about ink inside the bag. my cousin said the same.

    as i'm going to london for a business trip on firday i will pop in (thanks to my boss). at least my fare is being paid by my company.
  10. Hi Kaka it's actually imgg who's got the gold and tweed bag not me:smile: -I wish I had so too hehe.I am too getting confused with who is getting what these days after the dreaded price increase announcement!

  11. Kaka28 make sure when you speak to the manager in sloane street on friday.. you should tell them that you had to make a special trip back to london for this ineffeciency, and their ineffeciency has cost you a day off work (dont tell them ur on business) and time is money. They should give you some kind of gift voucher for their incompetence.
  12. If he's so callous about the whole thing, then maybe he can tell you if there is ink inside the tag. If there isn't, maybe you can try to use a pair of pliers and break if off. I would hate to have to drive all the way back to the store just to get a stupid tag removed. How annoying.